Doctor Amber Jordan

Name: Amber Jordan
Department : Medical

Race : Human
Place of Birth : Tuscola, Alabama
Home Planet : Earth


Age: 24
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair length: Long (kept in a bun when on duty)
Hair-color: Dark to Medium Brown
Eye color: Blue
Complexion: Caucasian / Fair
Physical Description: Amber is agile woman, who walks with determination and poise. She has perfect posture. She is an attractive young woman and usually bears a pleasant smile that people find attractive.


Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Counselor of Trinity Core

Major area of study: Psychology, Psychiatry, Counseling
Minor area of study: Security & Tactical

History and Timeline


2357: Amber was born. From the time Amber was a small child, she had dreamed of nothing but becoming a member of Star Fleet, specifically, she wanted to be come a Counselor on a star ship, and practiced by trying to psycho-analyzed her pets. Later she practiced on her friends, finding their different thought patterns fascinating.

2375: At age 17 she entered Star Fleet Academy. Her Course of Study included: Psychology, Psychiatry, Behavioral Sciences, and Medical.

2380: Graduated Star Fleet Academy with a Ph.D. in all areas of study.

2380: Rank Promotion: Ensign assigned to Star Fleet Medical Headquarters, Earth for Internship.

2380: Rank Promotion: Lieutenant Junior Grade

2381: Rank Promotion: Lieutenant

2381: Transferred to The Infinite

2382: Killed in action by the Progenitor Symbiont - Neilan Loran


Father: William H. Jordan
Mother: Patricia A. Austin Jordan
Brother: William H. Jordan, Jr.

Hobbies and Traits



Finding most hobbies boring after a while, Amber does not limit her them, rather she expands her leisure activities to her mood of the day.

Personal Traits

Filled with boundless energy, Amber enjoys her work, and takes pride in her duties. She is quick to size up any situation, and accomplishes tasks in a quick, but efficient, manner. She's determined and hardworking, and enjoys people who make her laugh.

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