Denubian Warcruiser


Flagship of the now defunct Valkurak Alliance.

Their ships appear in two classes: Battlecruisers; larger than a Galaxy-class, slim sensor profile, fast attack-ship, generally seen in small groups. Warcruiser; only one of these believed to operate in the Alpha Quadrant, longer than a Romulan Warbird, narrow sensor profile, fairly manouverable. Both types are equipped with a "cutting beam" which bypasses shields to cut directly into the hull of a starship, though their effectiveness has been decreased though modulation and adaption of our fleet's shields. Their technology enables them to avoid sensor locks, making automatic targeting impossible. Their ships are also equipped with Phased Shielding, which, we understand, has been passed on to the other members of their alliance. Since the retaking of Vulcan, we are to assume all Denubian ships are now equipped with Cloaking Devices.

At present, no obvious weaknesses are apparent, and though they do appear to lack in numbers, we have yet to destroy or capture one of their ships.


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