Darren Lambert

Darren Lambert has been seen in two episodes of Star Trek: The Infinite, 1.7 Prodigal Son and 3.2 The Legend of Ol' Red . And ironically, his personality is completely different compared to each other. In Prodigal Son, Darren is friendly yet cowardly, afraid of his possible fate. However, in The Legend of Ol' Red, he is seen as brave and honorable, a great leader willing to sacrifice his own life so that others might live.

In Prodigal Son , Darren is a resident of an unknown alternate, who stumbles across a temporal rift in space. The rift takes him to the 'Home' alternate, which immediately attracts the attentions of Project Infinite. The project sends an away team (led by Commander Yoshii) to investigate Darren's situation. The team soon discovers that he is not from their universe and force him back through the rift.

In The Legend of Ol' Red , Darren is the Captain of the Pride of Melville, and leader of Starbase Protector, which houses his friends and family. He and his people are at war with powerful creatures that seem to attack them at any given time. In a gruesome battle with the creatures, Darren and his crew are killed, due to a collision course that results in the Pride of Melville flying into the Void.

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