Counselor Azrixxiene

Name : Azrixxiene Lishek
Rank/Agency: Federation Council Member, Betazed
Race : Betazoid
Place of Birth : Betazed
Home Planet : Betazed


Age : 53
Height : 5’5"
Weight : 122 lbs.
Hair Length : Shoulder Length
Hair Color : Red/Blonde
Eye Color : Black


The senior member of the Betazoid delegation to the Federation and the Betazoid representative on the Federation Council. Present at many of the tumultuous events in recent history, from the assassination of President Sandov to the attacks on San Fransisco and Paris, the internal political conflicts and near civil-war surrounding Jarvinien and his allies and enemies, and the war with the Rukakon, she is a staunch patriot and defender of the Federation from threats both internal and external. When Jarvinien expelled the Vulcan delegation from Earth, Azrixxiene stood up to a similar attempt to expel the Betazoid delegation, using Federation law regarding Council members to remain on Earth, despite her knowledge of the many dangers in doing so. Where the Vulcans moved to more outspoken opposition to Jarvinien, Azrixxiene was the main voice of opposition speaking from within the boundaries of the system and within the Council. She later put aside her rivalry with Jarvinien, however, to respond to the crisis of the Rukakon attack on Earth, marshaling the Council for a vote and encouraging the Council to vote against the Rukakon's offered terms of surrender, despite the personal consequences to herself and other members of the Council.

Following the vote, she was taken prisoner by the Rukakon and is currently a prisoner of war held on Mars with Jarvinien and other members of the government.

Hobbies and Traits

Gardening, crystal sculpture, whitewater rafting, horseback riding.


Husband: Amari Lishek, Scientist
Daughter: Lieutenant Nianda "Nia" Lishek, Starfleet Fighter Pilot/Squadron Leader, 26
Son: Josh Lishek, 15

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