Commander Mudak

Name: Mudak
Race: Cardassian
Age: N/A
Rank: Commander of Project Phoenix


Commander Mudak was the appointed faction leader of Project Phoenix, a project lead by the Cardassians to solve the solution to the Void. Mudak took command of Project Phoenix in 2381, after the untimely deaths of Admiral Loran, Pudok, and Bornek.

Mudak made substantial progress in Project Phoenix and obtained a lot of valuable information, mostly from Admiral Jeremiah Daggett Jr. , a paid Cardassian spy.

Mudak was a force to be reckoned with, making several appearance throughout the year. Project Phoenix members were seen in Alternate ^012 and during the salvaging of the H2 Outpost. Mudak and a Cardassian away team played a game of cat and mouse with Commander McNamara and his away team on the outpost. Project Infinite won the day, but Mudak was able to escape, to plot another day.

Months later, in a bold move, Mudak and a Cardassian away team snuck on Starbase 24 to steal information from Project Infinite, and to obtain the artifact, Orobas . Mudak and his team were met with hostility but they were able to steal the data and escape with Professor Nishichiro Bakuto and Admiral Daggett. However, Mudak desired the Orobas and returned swiftly to SB24, which lead to his demise. The Redeemer engaged Mudak's ship, stalling for time, unitl the Void expanded. The plan worked. The Redeemer jumped through a wormhole just as the Void made it's substanial growth. Disabled, Mudak's vessel was swallowed by the Void, killing him and his crew.

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