Commander M'rrista

Name: M'rrista
Rank: Commander
Position: Command of H2 Outpost
Race: Caitian

Personal Traits: In all appearances M'rrista is a 6-foot-something C-A-T. She looks like a cross between a grey seal-point Siamese and an Absynian, with a touch of tabby smile thrown in for good measure. :) Her mind is sharper than some like to acknowledge. After years in Starfleet she has managed to discipline her feline accent into partial submission. But she still tends to slur her "rrrrrrrrr"s and "ssss"s when she is stressed or excited…or when a little "emphasis" would be good for the soul.

She has siblings and half sibs by the dozen, and a pair of parents who tho not "married" in the human sense nevertheless care very deeply for their children. It is normal for everyone to get into child-rearing, the males just as much as the females. Therefore M'rrista grew up knowing there was nothing she couldn't do if she wanted to.

Like all Caitians, she is omnivorous. She prefers meat (fresh kill? we won't go there!) but will eat almost anything.

She walks and runs upright because she is among humans who do such things. On her own planet or when circumstances such as emergencies dictate, she can drop to a position even more 'natural' to her, on all fours, and run with the best of the felines.

Her people live in harmony with nature, so it is 'normal' for her to climb trees.

Her specialty is Tactical now, but under a previous cruise she was Chief of Security for Then-Captain Novaq. Following an extended personal leave, during which time she was a guest lecturer in the Security division, she has returned to Starfleet,

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