Captain Jeremiah Daggett III

Name: Jeremiah Daggett III
Department: Command

Race: Human
Place of Birth: Madison, North Carolina
Home Planet: Earth


Age: 30
Height: 6'0
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair length: Standard
Hair-color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Complexion: Caucasian
Physical Description: Firm jaw, commanding presence. Handsome.

Personal Traits: Jer has nerves of steel in command situations. He's quick on his feet and stands by his decisions. He has an excellent commanding presence. If those under his command don't like him, they still respect his command ability. He is extremely self-absorbed and a bit of a womanizer. He is career goal oriented. His career comes first, and everything else - a distant second.


Rank: Captain
Major Area of Study: Command
Minor Area of Study: Tactics



Commander Jeremiah Daggett III is son of Admiral Daggett Jr and brother to Abram Daggett. Jeremiah is a well known, well respected officer of Starfleet.

Jer was on the Starfleet fast track, competeing against Captain Kirk's record for youngest Starfleet Captain. Jeremiah has achieved so much in his career, that he casts a big shadow over his younger brother, Abram. Jeremiah is considered the ideal son while Abram is the black sheep of the Daggett family.

Jeremiah has served several different positions, always recieving the highest of marks. Most consider him the future of Starfleet Command, as he has an almost political demeanor. He longs to have his own command, despite falling short of beating James Kirk's infamous record.



Point of Interests

Jeremiah is currently assigned to Project Infinite as Project Liaison on behalf of Starfleet Command.

His parents were killed in the Attack on San Francisco.

He and his brother, Abe, have a heated relationship and rarely get along.

He once had a romantic relationship with Doctor Petra Shannon

Was promoted to Captain of the USS Sao Paulo.

After the Sao Paulo was destroyed during the Rukakon War, Daggett assumed temporary command of the USS Swamp Fox, and remained her CO throughout the rest of the war.

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