Christa Novaq

Name: Christa Novaq
Rank: None/Civilian

Race : Human
Gender: Female
Place of birth : Earth
Home planet : Earth


Age : 29 Years
Height : 1.52 Meters
Hair length : Long
Hair-color : Blonde
Eye color : Blue


The daughter of Rear Admiral Elias Novaq, Christa had endured her father's consistant absent and evasive behaviour, due much in part to his work with both Intelligence and help orchestrating Starfleet's response to the Valkurak Alliance. His assignments often took him far from Earth and their meetings were often overshadowed by the on-going conflict: in fact, during an early altercation, Christa was mortally wounded, saved only by her father and Iris Seraphim.

Though it could never be said that they were close, the loss of her mother (Serena Novaq) at Wolf 359, and brother Jeremiah (a fighter pilot) put an additional strain on their relationship. It was perhaps with this in mind that Rear Admiral Novaq deliberately kept her at a distance, to protect her, despite the obvious damage it could cause to the uneasy ties they already had.

Even without following her father into Starfleet, Christa excelled in the area of Science, in particular the study of Quantum Cosmology. Her theories were allowed to develop aboard the science vessel USS Edwin Abbot, which brought her back into contact with her father when he became lost in the Dystopic Universe. Her work allowed them to enable a rescue mission into that alternate, saving not only Novaq but the crew of the USS Fearless.

It was not until the War's end (and her father's subsequent retirement) that they finally had the chance to spend time together as a family. However, her father's recall into service as part of the highly classified Project Infinite meant a return to the old ways once again. Resigned to the situation, she continued her work until their path's crossed once more when an assassination attempt was made on her life, bringing Rear Admiral Novaq back to Earth. Though she survived, her father was killed before they could be reunited.

She had since buried herself in her studies before receiving the call to join up to Project Infinite herself.

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