Cesere Virus

The Cesere Virus is a complex virus that enters one's system, originating from an alien race, known as The Cesere .

Notes taken from the journals of Doctor Myria Vantos.*

This virus has three identifiable stages. In the first stage, the host displays symptoms such as increased bloodflow/temprature, low energy (lethargy) and disorientation. During the second stage, those infected experience momentary unconsciousness, nausea and possible high fever. In addition to physical reactions, they will also display abnormal behaviour, including mania and an irrational craving for raw meat. Replicated substitutes may satiate, but only to a degree. However, it is the third stage of the Cesere virus which is most significant. It is during this stage that we discover the true purpose of the virus: procreation of the Cesere race.

What were initially considered as symptoms of ailment within the infected, are actually part of a complex reorganising of the hosts DNA to not only provide a suitable environment for embryonic Cesere but the genetic material for the embryo itself. In short, creating new Cesere from an entirely different set of DNA combinations, the compatibility of which could possibly extend to most carbon-based lifeforms. Unless treatment is received during the second stage of the virus, this process of conversion appears irreversible, leaving only the option of cryogenic freezing of the subject until medical advancements provide a 'cure'.

Initially, it was believed that the virus could be contracted in only one way. During the apparent breeding cycle of the Cesere, they expel the virus in an airborne form, infecting those in the vicinity who happen to inhale it. It is not known how long the virus can survive in open conditions, so precautions should always be taken when entering a possible infection zone.

More recently, a second form of contraction was discovered during an incident involving Patient X, who was undergoing long-term treatment. Due to exceptional circumstances, Patent X's treatments lapsed, causing them to become violent and ravenous, eventually leading to an attack on Individual Y. Through saliva transfer into the bloodstream (in this case, via bite wound), it would appear that a mutated form of the Cesere virus (hereby referred to as the Therianthropic-strain or Cesere/t) was passed from Patient X to Individual (now Patient) Y. What is different in the manifestation of Cesere/t in Patient Y which differs from the original strain of the Cesere virus is that, undergoing prolonged and advanced treatment, Patient Y has actually begun to display positive side-effects from the virus.

These effects first came to light when Patient Y was critically injured. Her injuries should have been fatal, however, it would appear that the Cesere/t virus prevented this from occurring, boosting her vitals and providing an increased regenerative ability for Patient Y's body. Since then, Patient Y has also exhibited enhanced strength and agility way beyond the normal capabilities of their race, but apparent within the Cesere race. The current working theory is that that, through trying to preserve the Cesere embryo within Patient Y, the virus has mutated the host to provide better protection. Precisely how far and what further mutations will develop within Patient Y is currently the subject of further study.

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