The Cesere are former members of the Valkurak Alliance and are currently allied with the Rukakon Hierarchy against the Federation. They are a highly aggressive species who use technological implants to enhance themselves. They are also notorious for their habit of eating other sentient beings.


The average, adult Cesere stands around 8'-9' tall. They are lean, muscular beings, with taut red skin. Their eyes appear as dark, hollow sockets. They seldom wear any clothing, though technological enhancements can double as armour plating. They also possess razor sharp teeth and claws, which ensures they are never unarmed.

General Background

Very little is known about the culture and history of The Cesere. They originate from deep in the Beta Quadrant and are adept at the hunting of other sentient species. In contrast to other warrior species such as the Klingon or Hirogen, the Cesere seem fueled, not by honour, but by a need to devour their enemies.

Physically, they possess immense strength and agility, which combined with their technological augmentations, make them a formidable in combat. Energy weapons for cutting and burning are used as range weaponry, whereas teeth and claws work in close combat. Their speed makes them difficult to target, whilst personal shields provide defensive cover. Cesere also operate in numbers to surround and overwhelm their opponents.

Much of this can be applied to their tactics in space warfare. Their ships tend to be compact and pointed in design, comprised of a hyper-dense material which is resistant to damage from kinetic and energy weapons. This enables them to puncture the hulls of enemy vessels under ramming speed, whereupon the troops within pour out to inflict damage from within. This primary attack is supplemented by various energy weapons. Again, their ships move in numbers to maximise their advantage.

The Cesere are naturally telepathic and use this as their primary form of communication: their vocal chords are used only for primal calls and signaling. However, to other telepathic races, these telepathic communications appear garbled and indecipherable. At best, an overall feeling or intention could be gleaned by a well-trained telepath. Conversely, their communication can also create a kind of telepathic 'static', which interferes with other signals in the vicinity.

(Also, see Cesere virus for more information about their reproduction process.)

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