Captain Stewart Gaines

Name: Stewart Willard Gaines
Department: Command

Race: Human
Place of Birth: Lake Armstrong , Luna
Home Planet: Luna

Rank: Captain
Major Area of Study: Command / Tactics
Minor Area of Study: Pilot


Age: 44
Height: 6’0
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair length: Short
Hair-color: Grey (Peppered Brown)
Eye color: Blue
Complexion: Caucasion

Physical Description: Handsome older man. Lean and muscular. Permenatly damaged left leg, walks with a limp.


Stewart was born to Lillith and Theodore Gaines. Stew is the eldest of three, all boys. He was a life long 'moon man', born and raised in the Lake Armstrong township of Luna . He had an average childhood for someone growing up in the Sol system, with access to every amenity and necessity, as well as one of the best all around educational systems in the Quadrant. By no means a 'genius', Stewart never the less did well enough to consistently score in the top quarter of his class, a performance which would see him through to Starfleet Academy. He did exceptionally well, earning respectable grades, graduating cum laude, and concentrating in the field of Starship Tactical as well as receiving an advanced pilot's certification.

He excelled as a pilot the first part of his career, but later turned his focus on tactics for promotion purposes. In 2366, Gaines was assigned to the USS Brittanic under the command of Elias Novaq. The two established an excellent repor with each other, and Gaines learned a great deal under Novaq's tutelage. Gaines openly stated that he considered Novaq a friend and mentor.

After two years of service on the Brittanic, Gaines accepted the first officer position of the USS Lexington, after much coaxing by Novaq, who believed that Gaines showed great potential as a leader. Gaines served as XO of the Lexington for six years until the fateful battle with the Borg at Sector 001. Most the Lex crew was killed in the battle, and the Lexington itself severely damaged, although salvaged. The ship's commanding officer was killed in the battle and Gaines was severely injured, leaving permitted damage to his left leg. To this day, he walks with a limp.

After recovery, Gaines was promoted as commanding officer of the refitted Lexington. He served as commanding officer of the Lex for four years, all through the Dominion War, and was promoted to commanding officer of the USS Independence during the Valkurak War. It is noted in all his annual Starfleet reviews that Gaines is extremely brave and displays immeasurable courage in battle, proving a valued asset in all of Starfleet's recent wars and confrontations.


2354: Enrolled into Starfleet Academy

2358: Graduated Academy – Cum laude

2358: Assigned as runabout pilot to 24th Utility Squadron – Starbase Betazed.

2359: Earns Distinguished Flying Cross Medal – Exceptional flying in distress call mission.

2361: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade – Helm Officer of USS Charleston

2364: Promoted to Lieutenant – Chief Tactics Officer USS Charleston

2366: Assigned to USS Britannic – Promoted to Lt. Commander as Chief Tactics Officer

2368: Assigned to USS Lexington- Promoted to Commander as Executive Officer

2373: Battle of Sector 001 – Captain of Lexington killed in battle. Ship is repaired and refitted.

2373: Hospitalized – Corrective leg surgery. Receives Purple Heart.

2374: Promoted to Captain of USS Lexington

2378: Assigned to USS Independence as Commanding Officer

2382: Takes an extended leave of absence.


Mother and Father - Deceased
Brother: Harrison Gaines
Brother: Clayton Gaines
Spouse: Never Married

Hobbies and Personal Traits

Personal Traits: Brave, low intolerance for mistakes, charming, and a dry sense of humor.

Hobbies: Fishing and billiards.

Notes of Interest

Gaines served with Elias Novaq on the USS Britannic as chief of tactical – learning much from Novaq. He considers Novaq not just a mentor but a friend.

His first officer of the USS Independence is Commander T. Laraka

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