Captain J'vobrakh Seth

Name: J'vobrakh Seth
Place of Birth: Angaria
Home Planet: Angaria


Race: Angaran
Age: 56 (Human) years
Height: 1.9 metres
Weight: 82 kg
Hair Length: None
Hair Colour: None
Eye Colour: Black

Personal characteristics : Angarans have a lizard-like skin which is covered in a slimy coating. For this reason, they must wear special suits if they are travelling far from water so that their slime doesn't evaporate. Angarans have large hands and feet, having long fingers and toes on each. Their heads are lizard-like; they have a snubbed-in nose, large black eyes, and small frilled ears. They have no hair.
Captain Seth is an anomaly due to his many years off-planet in a comparatively arid environment. His skin has dried to the extent where wearing a normal Starfleet uniform is possible.


Rank: Captain
Major Area of Study: Science
Minor Area of Study: Command


Attended Schools:
Beintal University, Angaria - Physics
Starfleet Academy, Earth

Previous Assignments:
USS Zusa - Junior Science Officer, Lieutenant J/G
USS Fearless - Operations Manager, Lieutenant
USS Liberty - Exectutive Officer, Commander/Captain
Starbase 24/Infinite Project - Commanding Officer, Captain
Currently on extended leave


Captain Seth has not been able to keep controversy at more than an arm's length throughout his career. His capacity to command has always been under the scrutiny of Starfleet, for reasons unsubstantiated by official sources. While temporarily commanding the USS Churchill he was under the watchful eye of Admiral Jarvinen. The two officers were constantly at odds over command decisions, eventually contributing to the ships destruction (and the admiral's death) during an intense engagement with the enemy.

It was not long after that the angaran was under investigation by Starfleet Intelligence. The investigator assigned to Seth's case was Commander Natalie Spencer, Seth's former best friend from Academy days. Absorbed in his problems and gripped with guilt and depression surrounding the Churchill Incident, then-Commander Seth attempted suicide. A timely intervention by the mess hall manager Autumn Baval prevented him from following through. She helped hide the episode from Starfleet as well.

During this time, Natalie Spencer had begun the discovery into the existance of the group of conspirators within Starfleet ranks. Realizing this security breach, the conspirators ordered her assassination. This was carried out on the USS Liberty while docked at Starbase Trinity Core. Seth at the time had just been arrested and was being held on the Intelligence ship USS Deliverance (also docked at Trinity Core). A spectacular jail-break spurred by Autumn Baval, Commander Morningstar, and various other individuals saved Seth from the Deliverance's firey end. Intelligence suprisingly did not press an official inquiry into the ship's destruction while docked.

Captain Seth has commanded several ships, including the USS Liberty and USS Marathon, without incident. Further harassment by Intelligence had been stemmed off by the clout of Rear Admiral Elias Novaq, Seth's commanding officer and friend.

He retained a commanding position within the regular ranks of Starfleet through to the end of the Valkurak War in 2379. In 2380, Seth rejoined Novaq and other former crewmembers to contribute to Project Infinite. As a consequence of the deaths of Captain Albertine and Rear Admiral Novaq, he was assigned the commanding role in Project operations. The Project at this time was assailed with a plethora of personnel and resources problems, as well as a looming enemy threat. Starbase 24, headquarters for Project Infinite, was consumed by the Void in 2381 — an after-effect of Rukukon disruption.

Not long after, Captain Seth was relieved as commanding officer of Project Infinite. He is currently on extended leave. Unofficially, he has regained contact with the presumed-dead Rear Admiral Novaq, and is working alongside him in their fight against the Void.

Hobbies and Traits

Personal Traits: Dependable, loyal. As such with the angaran race, possesses an inner vulcan-like calm. Very curious of humans and their "excentric" behavior.

Hobbies: Reading, academit pursuits


Family: Mother and father deceased. 5 brothers, 2 sisters (one deceased). During 2380, a corrupted sect of Starfleet ordered the termination of key individuals and their families who jeapordized their activities. The assassins were thwarted, but not before Captain Seth's dearest sibling (his youngest sister) was murdered.

Point of Interest

The Angaran appearance is based on the "bounty hunter" Bossk from Star Wars.

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