Captain Daniel Carlin

Name: Daniel Carlin
Department: Command

Race: Human
Place of Birth: Mars Colony, Sol System
Home Planet: Mars


Age: 45
Height: 5’10
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair length: Short
Hair-color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Complexion: Black
Physical Description: Lean and Handsome.

Rank: Captain
Major Area of Study: Command
Minor Area of Study: Science (Astronomy and Molecular Dynamics)


Daniel Carlin was born on June 8th, 2338 on Mars Colony Prime, into a lower-middle class family with a struggling mining equipment business. His father John Carlin, a former Starfleet engineer, had inherited the business after his father (Daniel’s grandfather), was killed in a shuttle accident. Daniel grew up on Mars with his parents, living a fairly typical life, and eventually took on some of the family business responsibilities. For a time, Daniel had intentions of joining his family’s company full time, until advances in the mining industry put his family out of business for good.

After turning eighteen, Daniel joined Starfleet Academy in 2356 and focused mainly on tactics, in which he excelled. Daniel remained in the top five percent of his graduating class. When it came his time to graduate, however, he instead opted to remain in the Academy for another year to undergo supplemental training in experimental tactics. From there he went on to Advanced Tactics and Warfare on Regulas VI.

In 2362, Daniel was offered a place on the USS Crazyhorse, one he took gladly as a tactical officer. It was on the Crazyhorse where he displayed superior tactical prowess and he soon began to rise through the ranks. In 2367, Daniel was assigned to the USS Excelsior as Chief Tactical Officer, under the command of then Captain Siro Jarvinen. Jarvinen soon became Daniel’s mentor, and he learned much under Jarvinen’s tutelage. Daniel was later promoted to the executive officer of the USS Excelsior, where he continued to display great skill in tactics and command. Daniel met and later married, Doctor Melanie Stephenson, while serving on the Excelsior.

In 2369, when his wife became pregnant, Melanie retired from Starfleet and returned to Earth, where she raised their son. Daniel remained on the USS Excelsior and after a couple of years he became estranged with his wife, and they later divorced, after their son, Jeremy, died in a horrific tree-climbing accident in 2376.

After taking some time off, Daniel was promoted to the rank of Captain and given the command of the USS Missouri in 2377. Carlin commanded the Missouri all through the Dominion War, the Valkurak War, and later the Rukakon War. The Missouri was involved in many of the Rukakon War engagements, and would later become the lead ship to Ground Zero Recovery, after a terrorist attack on San Francisco. And in 2382, when the Rukakon seized control of Earth, the Missouri was lost in the battle. Daniel and his senior staff were taken prisoner by the Rukakon and held up on Mars. However, he and several others were soon liberated.

Daniel was infected with a deadly virus while on Mars, and took some time to recover. After a full recovery, he was given the command of the USS Chasseur.



Wife: Melanie Grantham – Divorced
Son: Jeremy Grantham – Deceased

Hobbies and Personal Traits

Personal Traits: Efficient, Brave, Compassionate

Notes of Interest

Was married to astrologist and fellow college, Doctor Melanie Stephens. Later divorce after horrific accident, the death of their only son, Jeremy. Jeremy was killed in a rock climbing
accident on Mars.

2382: Taken as a prisoner of war by the Rukukon at the Mars frontline.
2383: Joins Independent Fleet, assuming command of the USS Chausser.

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