Captain Alandra Bexley

Name: Alandra Bexley
Place of birth : Unknown
Home planet : Earth

Race : Human
Age : 39 Years (estimate)
Height : 1.88 Meters
Hair length : Long
Hair-color : Brown
Eye color : Blue/Grey

Family : No known relatives. Formerly married to Elias Novaq.

Personal traits : Generally very cold and matter of fact, though has been known to lighten up recently due to events in her life. Efficient in all respects, and looks down on anyone who does not match her expectations. Reversely she will always keep those who exceed her expectations very close. A short temper has been known to rise within when the mood takes her.

Alandra Bexley career officer who has been supported by some of the highest ranking officers in the Fleet, including her former Commanding Officer, now Admiral Drake. In 2376, during the early stages of the Valkurak War, she commanded the USS Royal Oak, taking part in the successful defence of the border planet Jahl'Tek and many other key engagements. Tragically, the crew of the Royal Oak were later killed by a genetically engineered virus, leaving her as the only survivor (it would not become clear until later that it was her genetic modifications that provided in the necessary immunity against the virus). This incident left her sometimes protecting those under her command to an excessive degree. Bexley held the temporary position of command on the USS Hellcat during the retake of Vulcan and followed this with serving at Ultima Thule for several grueling months, attempting to stop the civil war there.

When support finally arrived in the shape of the USS Starfire, she was given command and led the crew to eventually stop the fighting at Ultima Thule. The USS Starfire was eventually abandoned and the crew followed her to her new assignment as the Commanding Officer of the Starbase Trinity Core.

Following the end of the Valkurak War, Bexley transferred to the USS Onikage within the prestigious Fleet Prime. This also marked an open return to Starfleet Intelligence for her, having previously worked there under Admiral Drake. (It is unclear whether she ever actually ceased to be an Intelligence operative, though her allegiance to Drake has certainly been inconsistent.)

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