Attack On San Francisco

A day that will certainly go down in infamy, the Attack on San Francisco took place on Thursday, Stardate 59267.37 (April 8th, 2382). Initially thought to be a Followers of the Reckoning attack, the bombing was later deemed a Rukukon attack aimed at the Federation government in which the Federation Council, Starfleet Headquarters, and Starfleet Academy were destroyed.


The first strike (not necessarily related to April 8th) took place six days prior with the assassination of the Federation president. The assassination of Maya F. Sandov, the sixty-fifth president of the Federation Council, took place on Tuesday, Stardate 59250.46 (April 2nd, 2382) in San Francisco, USA at 10:00 a.m. Maya F. Sandov was fatally wounded by a phaser-rifle shot while addressing the Federation Council and its citizens. Eye witnesses attest that President Sandov was assassinated by Antos Kerr , an employee of the Followers of the Reckoning. It is believed by Starfleet Intelligence that the Rukukon used this key event as the distraction needed to wage an proper offensive against the Federation.

The Federation Council voted on and approved martial law three hours after the death of the president. Vise President Taht was sworn in as president three days later. He immediately ordered a formal investigation of the president’s death and possible corruption within Starfleet. President Taht boldly accused several Starfleet Heads, one Admiral David Luc in particular, of treason.

President Taht addressed the Federation public on April 8th, 2382 in regards to the destruction of the Maiden Colony suns. During the formal broadcast, a trilithium resin bomb exploded, consuming half of San Francisco in its wake. The attack claimed over a million lives and left over ten thousand injured. The attack on San Francisco is considered the deadliest attack on the Federation to date.

April 8th, 2382 (Before Attack)

academy council
Starfleet Academy Federation Council April 8th Meeting

April 8th, 2382 (Aftermath)

attack shroom bridge
Trilithium Explosion Trilithium Explosion II Golden Gate Bridge

Notes of Interest

Plagued with controversy, President Sandov’s death is thought by some to be directly linked to the conspiracy involving the Maiden Colony’s destruction.

Unbeknownst to Starfleet and the Federation, it was actually the Followers of the Reckoning that both killed President Sandov and bombed San Francisico.

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