Antos Kerr

Name: Antos Kerr

Race: Bajoran
Home Planet: Bajor


Age : 29
Height : 6'2
Weight : 185
Hair length : Spiky
Hair-color : Black
Eye color : Green
Complexion : Caucasian
Physical Description : Skinny but toned. Has many tattoos on his arms, some of black dragons. Normally wears sleek, thin frame sunglasses.


Antos Kerr, formally of the Marquis and Black Dragons, is a weapons specialist and thief.

He was once a member of the Marquis, but barely escaped the Dominion Purge of the terrorist faction. After the Marquis was wiped out, Kerr was later acquired by the Black Dragons. His skills were quite useful. He can handle just about any weapon and is an extremely deadly shot.

Notes of Interest

He killed Lieutenant David Winters on Maiden Colony in 2380.

He is no longer a member of the Black Dragons. He betrayed the assassin group, stealing from the Dragon's funds. Kerr now works for a new faction, Followers of the Reckoning and is getting paid substantially.

Antos Kerr assassinated the Federation President, Maya F. Sandov on March 2nd, 2382.

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