Alternate Universes

Alternate universes are catalogued within Project Infinite with a designated three-digit alternate (or ^) number. For example, Alternate Universe 5 is referred to as ^005.

(Should the number of universes located exceed 999 then the numbering system would naturally adapt to suit, though this appears unlikely at present.)


000: Also called the 'Home' universe, where the crew of Project Infinite originate.
001: Mirror Universe
002: Dystopic Universe
004: USS Wolverine discovered and returned 'home'.
006: Universe where the Federation and Romulan Empire are allies, and are at war with the Klingons.
009: Almost entirely assimilated by the Borg. The Federation had been assimilated into their Collective. The Void exists in the universe but the Borg display no interest.
010: Where the Rukakon Hierarchy control what is considered "Federation Space." They have a massive army and display intent of invading other Alternates.
011: No evidence of the Void. Sydney malfunctions and away team becomes stranded on a desert planet called Ver'Rakus.
012: The artifact Orobas is discovered.
013: Alternate 013
014: X Alternate
015: Inhabited by large spacebourne creatures.
016: Alternate home of Commander Jonah Bridgeman.
017: Project Infinite away team returns a dead ^Clarke to this alternate.

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