Alternate ^013

Alternate ^013 held vast importance to Project Infinite. The Progenitor Artifact was hidden in this universe by unknown source. However, despite the unknown source, ^Admiral Neilan Loran, leader of Starfleet, was aware of the Progenitor Artifact and that it was located somewhere in his universe. He dedicated his life work to finding and posessing the artifact.

Lead by the Orobas, Project Infinite traveled to Alternate ^013 for reasons unknown. The Orobas lead the crew to ^Loran's ship, the USS Ragnarok. Hidden by the Redeemer's cloak, the Infinite crew followed the Ragnarok to a Planetoid, which was the secret hiding place of the Progenitor Artifact.

It is later revealed in episode, 2.10 Wake ,that the Orobas sent the Infinite crew to Alternate ^013 to stop Loran from obtaining the Progenitor Artifact. The crew was only partfully successful. They were able to destory the artifact, but not before he obtained its vast power.

Notes of Interest

The Federation is at war with the Alliance of Free Planets (AFP).

^Admiral Loran is a fleet commander, his flag ship the USS Ragnarok. He also commands the top-of-the-line Intel ship, the USS Peregrine, which is capable of alternate travel by use of wormhole generator technology.

Lieutenant Gronza is Loran's First Officer and Chief of Security.

^Captain Seth, ^Christa Novaq, and ^Natalie Spencer are members of the AFP.

The ^013 Planetoid that held the Progenitor Artifact was destroyed by the AFP, the Klingons, and the Redeemer.

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