Agent Ellyn Leighton

Name : Ellyn Veronica Leighton
Rank/Agency: Special Agent, Federation Secret Service

Race : 3/4 Human, 1/4 Betazoid
Place of Birth : Luna
Home Planet : Luna


Age : 27
Height : 5’6"
Weight : 125 lbs.
Hair Length : Long
Hair Color : Brown
Eye Color : Black
Physical Description : Small framed but muscular, no distinguishing marks.


Part of the Presidential detail, Ellyn Leighton was on her lunch break when Kerr assassinated the President, but nevertheless felt a deep sense of shame for not having somehow prevented the attack or died in her place. Afterwards, she worked with Evan McNamara to capture and interrogate Kerr, and escort him to prison on Simeon VI, however Kerr was beamed off the ship transporting him there. The ship, the USS Dallas, turned back towards Earth, and following the attacks on San Fransisco Ellyn began to uncover rumors and evidence that most of her former colleagues who had survived the attacks had been arrested without charges, and several had died since their arrests. When ships' security came to arrest her, she instead overpowered them and fled the Dallas on a shuttle, which she later sold on Ramos VI.

On Ramos VI, she met up with Consul General Rosslyn Tanaka and Agent Adriana Kenner, Diplomatic Security Service, and the three women laid low together in one of Ramos' "red light" districts until Ellyn contacted Evan McNamara and all three women fled the planet in a second hand runabout.

Hobbies and Traits

Running, gymnastics, computers, galactic languages and cultures, history, holosimulations.


Mother: Jillian Leighton, Accountant
Father: Pete Leighton, Importer/Exporter
Sister: Haleigh Leighton, Graduate Student
Brothers: Miles Leighton, Importer/Exporter, Pete Leighton Jr., Mathematician

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