Admiral Neilan Loran

Name: Neilan Loran
Department: Command

Race: El-Aurian
Home Planet: El-Auria


Age : 415
Height : 5’9
Weight : 185
Hair length : Bald
Hair-color : N/A
Eye color : Green
Complexion : Light Tan
Physical Description : A bit short but has sound muscle mass. He has a stern face and piercing
eyes, almost as if he can see your thoughts and emotions.


Rank: Admiral
Major Area of Study : Command
Minor Area of Study : Science


Correct till 2380

Neilan Loran was born on El-Auria around 1965 Earth Years. Not much is known about Loran except that he is El-Aurian (the race of Listeners), and that his home world was destroyed by the Borg. He was present during the home world attack by the Borg but somehow managed to escape. Loran and fellow El-Aurians were scattered from their home system, thousands of light-years from Federation space. His family was lost or killed by the Borg attack, and Loran has no knowledge of any current living relatives.

After many years of fighting inner-turmoil, Loran found passage to Federation Space, and later joined Starfleet, which he has been a member of for 81 years. His study focus was Command but has a sound knowledge of Science. (Scientific Laws and Theories).

Loran has had a long and distinguished career in Starfleet. He is well known and his opinions are highly respected. Loran also has the 6th sense of his race. The high ranking officials of Starfleet Command feel that the operations on Starbase 24 haven't been running as smoothly as they should. They decided to seen him as an "observer" to make sure that Admiral Novaq and crew continue to make progress, and to report any questionable or unacceptable events that occur.

October 2380

Admiral Loran is deemed a Starfleet renegade and Federation criminal. Charged with the murder of Commander Sydney Sloane in the first degree and attempted murder of Commander Evan James McNamara . Loran made verbal statements linking himself to the Cardassians and having been involved with the Dominion, during the Dominion War. He also initiated a chain of events that lead to the murders of PI crew’s relatives.

Escapes custody of Project Infinite, with the assistance of Project Phoenix , for which he was a member.

December 2380

Loran is captured and arrested by Lt.Commander Tor Kelin . The Admiral is taken to a Starfleet Command prison to await trial. However, Loran escapes during the climax of the Starfleet Conspiracy .

Loran is killed in combat by Rear Admiral Elias Novaq and Commander Evan James McNamara after resisting arrest.


2299: Joined Starfleet Academy

2300: Receives commendation for outstanding
scores on Command Tactics testing.

2303: Graduated Starfleet Academy with honors.

2303: Assigned to USS Hood.

2305: Promoted to Lieutenant(Junior Grade).

2306: Promoted to Lieutenant and XO of Hood.

2310: Promoted to Lt. Cmdr and stationed on
Starbase 19 as 2nd Officer.

2312: Promoted to XO of Starbase 19.

2317: Promoted to the rank of Captain and given
command of Starbase 19.

2330: Given his first Captaincy of a Starship.
The U.S.S Sutherland.

2342: Given the Captaincy of the U.S.S Hemingway

2347: Promoted to Admiral. Transferred as professor
of Command Theories at Starfleet Academy.

2362: Promoted to Starfleet Command.

2373: Assigned as part of the Command/Battle Tactics
Committee in the fight against the Borg.

2375: Elected member of the Federation of Planets
Council, while still serving on Starfleet Command.

2380: Assigned as Observer of Project Infinite.

2380: Given temporary command of Starbase 24
and Project Infinite.

2380: Deemed Traitor and Criminal of Starfleet – associated
with a Cardassian Faction. Believed to have past
ties with the Dominion.

2380: Killed by Commander Evan James McNamara
during Starfleet Command corruption purge.

Hobbies and Traits

Hobbies: Enjoys reading and martial arts.

Personal Traits: Wise, Authoritative, Stern, Nit-Picky, and has a tendacy to explode when angry.

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