Admiral Lawrence Drake

Name : Lawrence Drake
Rank: Admiral (Former, listed rogue)

Department : Command
Position: Commanding Officer

Race : Human
Gender: Male
Place of Birth : Earth
Home Planet : Earth


Age : 58
Height : 179 m
Weight : 80 kgs
Hair length : Short
Hair-color : Grey
Eye color : Brown
Features: Goatee beard


Former Commanding Officer and close colleague of Elias Novaq, with whom he served directly on the USS Constantinople. Drake was a senior officer within Starfleet Command and a key figure organising the fleet during the outbreak of war with the Valkurak Alliance. Following Admiral Brice's capture by the Valkurak, Drake took over as Head of Security and became a driving force behind finding a way to end the war as best possible.

Unbenownst to most, however, Drake had a large part to play inciting the war with the Valkurak Alliance in the first place. It was he who led a fleet out into the Beta Quadrant seeking alliances, which only drew their attention to the Federation as a possible conquest. His skill and connections ensured this indiscretion was uncovered only at the end of the conflict, though at the expense of others: this is a pattern that was was to repeat itself on many occasions with Drake over the years. As with Novaq and Bexley, Drake has prior links with Starfleet's Intelligence groups. He has used these and his growing influence to support his own agendas - often disregarding the Prime Directives in the process - and it was with his driving force that the Starfleet Conspiracy was able to grow as it did.

Drake commanded several ships during his time, including the USS Centurion, USS Venger and USS Avatar, the last of which was his command when his complicity in the Valkurak War was revealed. Fearing this and any other charges brought against him, Drake fled with a small fleet in tow.

The majority of those behind the Conspiracy either dead or apprehended, Drake remained in hiding for a number of years, eventually emerging during the violent re-ignition of the Federation/Rukakon hostilities, his timely intervention giving Starfleet the vital breathing room it needed to prevent collapsing entirely after the first assault.

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