Admiral Jeremiah Daggett Jr

Name: Admiral Jeremiah Daggett Jr.
Post: Starfleet Command

Race: Human
Place of Birth: Yonkers, New York
Home Planet: Earth


Age: 63
Height: 5’10
Weight: 165
Hair length: Clean Cut
Hair-color: Grey (peppered Black)
Eye color: Hazel
Complexion: Caucasian
Physical Description: Older. Skinny but not in shape.


Jeremiah Daggett Jr. is the son of well known retired Starfleet officer, Jeremiah Daggett Sr. Daggett Jr. followed in his father's footsteps and joined Starfleet, carving for himself a reputable career. He has served on several starships and now sits on the Starfleet Command Council. He lives in Madison, North Carolina but frequents to San Francisco every week.

He is married to Veronica Daggett and has two sons, Jeremiah Daggett III and Abram Daggett. Jeremiah Daggett III is a well known officer, with a notable career, while Abe is considered the lack luster son. Daggett is hard on his sons, specifically Abram, because he has not lived up to his potential.

Jeremiah Daggett Jr. has led a double life. He is seen as a well respected officer on the Command Council, when in fact he has been a double-dealing spy of the Cardassians. He had dealings with the Cardassians during the Dominion War, but since then cut off ties. However, Commander Mudak forced him back into dealings. Daggett came to Starbase 24, claiming to visit his son, but in actuality was spying on Project Infinite.


Admiral Jeremiah Daggett and his wife Victoria, were killed during the bombing of San Fransisco, while he awaited final sentencing for his crimes against the Federation.

Personal Traits

Daggett is a bit two-faced. He comes off stern and authoritative, when dealing with Starfleet matters and his sons, but can be easily intimidated into submission. He is a proud man, and regrets his sinsiter actions, but feels he has no other choice.


Father: Admiral Jeremiah Daggett Sr. (Retired)
Wife: Veronica Daggett
Sons: Commander Jeremiah Daggett III & Ensign Abram Daggett

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