Admiral Davidius Bowman

Name : Davidius Bowman
Rank: Admiral

Department : Command
Position: Project Overseer

Race : Human
Gender: Male
Place of Birth : Earth
Home Planet : Earth


Age : 62
Height : 181 m
Weight : 79 kgs
Hair length : Short
Hair-color : Blonde
Eye color : Grey/Blue


Admiral Bowman is a a highly competent Command officer, reasonable and diplomatic with an eye for 'the big picture'. Though he can be somewhat sentimental at times, he generally portrays a figure of strength and wisdom whom others look to for advice.

His previous assignments include serving alongside his longtime friend, Captain Lidora Selnia, aboard the USS Archtype. It was at this time that they were sent in to re-negotiate Klingon support during the Valkurak War, where Bowman was also introduced to Captain Alandra Bexley and the then Commander, now Captain Carlos Rivera. Tragically, the negotiations (which took place at the Klingon fortress of Ty'Gokor) did not go as planned: General Kursad, a revered Klingon warrior and staunch Federation supporter, was murdered by Valkurak assassins, as was Captain Selnia. With the Klingons crying out for blood, Bowman found himself at the Federation colony of Ultima Thule attempting to save the inhabitants from being caught up in an imminant fight between the Klingons and the Valkurak Alliance. Though the mission was relatively successful, it was not without a further cost of life, this time Captain Bexley whose Runabout was shot down by Klingons during the rescue.

Following such traumatic circumstances Bowman transferred to Earth for a duration, though he was not present during the Purge of the Starfleet Conspiracy.

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