Admiral David Luc

Name: David Luc
Rank: Admiral
Postion: Starfleet Intelligence Director

Race: Betazoid
Homeworld: Betazed


Admiral David Luc has made several appearances to Starbase 24 and Trinity Core and is ever watchful of Project Infinite as the Project feeds Intelligence on a regular basis. Most of his involvement remains outside of the Project's main objective. He keeps tabs on outside factions and elements that might interfere with Project Infinite's success. He has had a hand in weeding out the corruptive element in Starfleet Command and has dealt with Project Infinite's enemies on several occasions. In some ways, he acts as a mediator between Project Infinite and Starfleet Command. Previously, he was a Vice Admiral and the Operations Director, but after the murder and arrest of higher-ranking officers, has assumed the Director's role and promoted new leaders to head the other departments.

Currently, there has been a great deal of stress in the ranks between President Jarvinen and Admiral Luc. For the time being, things seem to be calm, but there is a great deal of mis-trust between the two and it hasn't been kept a secret. The close relationship between Admiral Luc and Commodore Zelazko is also a major concern for President Jarvinen, since Zelazko has chosen to break ranks.

Other Notes

Luc is an extremely powerful empath and has been a mentor to Betazoid, Nia Lishek.

Luc is the second member of the brethren, Section 7.

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