Name: Aasera
Real Name: Sasha Blackfoot
Race: Human (altered)
Birthplace: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Age : Nine (although appears to be a full adult in mid-twenties)
Height : 5'6
Weight : 102 lbs
Hair length : Long
Hair-color : Brown
Eye color : Brown
Complexion : Dark Tan
Physical Description : Extremely attractive. Sultry manor.


She was born Sasha Blackfoot in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but she has long since cast that life aside. Blind at birth, her father wanted to cultivate her as a Shaman as he was when he was born deaf. The girl might have found comfort with the Ancestors guiding her through life, had her mother not been so adamant she be allowed to see. At the age of five her father took her and her siblings to the world of Galo in order to restore her sight. Unfortunately they arrived in the middle of a Borg incursion and her father and siblings were assimilated. Borg drones rarely assimilate the blind unless there are mechanisms already installed for them to see. Otherwise making them functional drones is laboriously inefficient.


Sasha might have starved to death had a passing fanatic named Narmiha not found her and began raising her in his own image. She was introduced to every possible sensation as part of her indoctrination as a Follower of the Reckoning. She was taught how to enjoy pain and humiliation. This twisting of her psyche from such an early age has been most effective.

When her father was made into a Bridging Runner, the Continuum decided Sasha would be a perfect candidate for a Fallen Raith.

Fallen Raiths:

Fallen Raiths are the embodiment of an argument between the Pah Raiths and the Continuum. The Pah Raiths contend that given absolute power, anyone can seize control of the Galaxy. In order to accomplish this the Fallen Raiths are granted prescience. They can see into the future with varying clarity. So far Sasha, by virtue of her blindness, has been the most far-seeing Raith ever. Sasha is the youngest Fallen Raith ever to be made. The Pah Raiths were taken aback by her youth and decided to bestow a restorative gift to her body. This has matured her to the cusp of womanhood well before her time by the aggressive nature of the gift. She is in the prime of life and will not age a day much past her mid-teens to early twenties even though at the time her father Matt stumbled upon Project Infinite she was only nine.

The Continuum bestowed their own gift of polyform to her body. This means she can alter the shape of her body at will. The Greek God Prometheus was likely one of the Fallen Raiths preserved in folklore.

After this transformation, Sasha Blackfoot decided to adopt a new name to signify her role in the Reckoning Narmiha was convinced was coming as the Void marched on towards the populated centers of the Milky Way. Aasera is a word translated from the Pah Raiths' Book of Waste. Aa-se-ra means "cleansed by fire" and Sasha adopted it in part to remember her long dead uncle Kearchak.

Notes of Interest

Aasera was a leader of the religious cult, the Followers of the Reckoning. It was thought for some time that she was in fact the highest ranking of the Followers, but other evidence has shown she receives her commands from another, Namirha .

Aasera is as deadly as she is beautiful. She manipulates everyone around her, using her attractive features to her advantage. It is noted that she can manipulate her body and skin to form sharp daggers and lances.

She is an avid believer of the Followers' teachings.

It is later revealed that her true name is Sasha, and that her father is Matthew Blackfoot

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