4.5 Reciprocity


There are mere months remaining before The Void reaches the Sol System and Earth. On all sides, preparations are being made for it's salvation… or eventual loss. On the other side, those within The Void solidify their plans to escape, with neither aware of the others' predicament.

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Notable Events
  1. Their planet and moons consumed by the Void, the home alternate Romulans organize a heavy fleet to engage those responsible from within the Void.
  2. Stuck inside the Void themselves, Novaq and company device a plan to retrieve their ships and the Orobas from their mysterious captors.
  3. Stephen Zelazko informs Admiral Luc and Captain Rivera that they must organize the independent fleet, in order to take back Trinity Core.
  4. Zelazko devices a plan to reestablish an alliance with the Klingons.
  5. Having organized a engagement party for Sydney Sloane and Greg Duran, Evan McNamara reluctantly attends with Dr. Petra Shannon as his date.
  6. Petra slowly realizes she is developing strong feelings for Evan, despite her connection to Matthew Blackfoot.
  7. Sydney and Greg's engagement party is a huge event with a lot of Trinity Core present.
  8. Members of the Sao Paulo are also in attendance, including Abe Daggett and Paige Reagan. Hurting from their own problems, the two sleep together to help forget about them.
  9. Broken hearted by the engagement and his feelings for Sydney, Evan gets drunk at the party.
  10. Petra informs Joe Blake that she does not recipricate his feelings for her.
  11. Admiral Drake makes an appearance at Sydney's engagement party.
  12. Drunk, Evan accepts attention from other woman at the party, and Petra is hurt by this.
  13. Upset, Petra leaves the party but Evan gives chase, and the two commence in arguing about the night's events.
  14. More depressed, Evan returns to the party, and is influenced by Parks Napier to continue drinking.
  15. Evan ends up having a one night stand with a woman at the party, and Petra happens to walk in on him afterwards.
  16. Embarassed, Petra flees from Evan's quarters and refuses to speak to him.
  17. Abe and Paige both agree they made a mistake and decide to continue on being "just friends".
  18. Aware that Mr. Orthanc has been tracking her down, Autumn goes to Al-Tar to settle the score. However, she falls into a trap and is captured by the Black Dragons.
  19. The following morning after the enagement party, McNamara and Drake have a meeting to discuss McNamara's concerns about the Sarium Krellide weapon armed to the USS Aegis.
  20. Despite his reservations, McNamara agrees to follow Drake's stance on the Sarium Krellide.
  21. Both men visit Dr. J'Nathan to discuss the probable advance of the Void into the Sol System.
  22. J'Nathan informs them that an investigation of Alternate ^027 would help in Project Infinite research due to the fact the Void is not present in its universe.
  23. McNamara forms an away team to investigate ^027. The go to Earth, which unlike the home alternate Earth, is not ravaged by war.
  24. Evan and Petra argue about their flirtation. Attempting to get over his feelings for Sydney, Evan tries to kiss Petra, but she doesn't allow him to do so.
  25. Realizing he has to confess his feelings to Sydney, he tells her that he loves her. But Sydney spurns him, saying that she is in love with Greg, and that Evan had lost his chance with her.
  26. With the threat of the Void looming on the Sol-System Border, Fleet Prime attempts to rescue Sol Colonies from Rukakon control before the Void spreads.
  27. Fleet Prime engages the Rukakon at the Sol-System, only to fall into a trap by the Rukakon and the Cardassians.
  28. Alterante ^027 treats the Infinite away team kindly and give them data telemetry of their universe. However, when the Aegis attempts to verify the information, 027 Starfleet attacks the ship, and brings the away team into custody.
  29. McNamara and Shannon are not captured right away, and manage to evade 027 security, long enough to confront ^Amber Jordan and ^Admiral Albertine.
  30. It is revealed by Albertine that the data given was a well developed falsity, fake. The Void is actually in the alternate and is surroudning the Sol System.
  31. Albertine releases the Infinite crew and allows them all safe passage back to the Aegis.
  32. The fake grid, hiding the Void, begins to fall away.
  33. Returning to the Aegis, the Infinite crew is confronted by ^Jonah Bridgeman and a mob of Starfleet officers, wanting safe passage on the Aegis.
  34. McNamara refused and a riot takes place. The mob attacks the Infinite crew.
  35. Simm is able to get to the Aegis and save the rest of the Infinite crew.
  36. The Aegis escapes Alternate 27 just as the Void consumes over the ^27 Sol System.
  37. Micah Rhodes in introduced, as a prisoner aboard a Cardassian ship. Rhodes is witness to the battle at Sol.
  38. A gifted scientist and engineer, Rhodes creates a suit that allows him to jump through wormholes. He escapes the Cardassians and lands on the Sao Paulo.
  39. Rhodes hides within the Paulo.
  40. The Sao Paulo takes extensive damage to a point where Capt. Daggett gives a collison course order.
  41. Abe Daggett refuses to be a part of such a command, disobeying a direct order.
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