4.4 From The Ashes


With the break-out from the black room, Starfleet's planned rescue of those held by the Cesere, and vital information gathered on the Rukakon's city destroying capabilities, a glimmer of hope seems to shine amid the gloom.

Yet, with the joint fleet under attack at Si-Feller, continued trouble at Bajor, and much of the crew still trapped in The Void, the future is still uncertain; the line between victory and defeat has never been so fineā€¦

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Notable Events

  1. The crew of the USS Aegis has little time to recover from the Khorus escort mission. They are immediately called into action for a rescue of Federation Prisoners on Mimas. Former Mars prisoners are located on Mimas.
  2. The Cardassians attack the Federation Embassy on Bajor.
  3. Hertzog seeks council from his colleges in order to save his daughter from the Cesere virus transformation.
  4. Cmdr Kincaid overhears Abe and Paige discussing their possible romantic relationship. Kincaid becomes jealous.
  5. McNamara comes down hard on Dr. Shannon for allowing Blackfoot to take her from her post during the Khorus escort mission.
  6. Still trapped within the Void, Novaq and company manage to escape their mysterious captors on the Pride of Melville.
  7. It is revealed that the Void does not destory that which it consumes, it merely collects it, planets, people, stars, ships, etc.
  8. ^McNamara recalls the events of his recent past, specifically his relationship with ^Amber Jordan and the two men, Bridgeman and Clarke.
  9. The Sao Paulo and the USS Hunter become part of the prisoner rescue mission. Abe Daggett and Shaya Aleston are reunited.
  10. Abe works along side Shaya, but is completely dismissive to their history.
  11. Heather Dixon shows signs of post-pardon stress, with drastic mood swings.
  12. Ross Kincaid confronts Paige Reagan about her relationship with Abe Daggett. Ross becomes violent and Reagan is able to subdue him. However, the encounter goes unnoticed by others.
  13. Reagan reports the incident to Capt. Daggett but gets little help from the captain.
  14. Dr. Vantos commits herself to helping the Hertzog baby.
  15. Fleet Prime makes its way to the planet Mimas, where the Federation prisoners are held.
  16. In search of the prisoners himself, Matthew Blackfoot wipes out the Cesere at Mimas.
  17. Aleston leads a team to Mimas in search of the prisoners.
  18. Blackfoot takes Sydney to Mimas where the two also search for the prisoners. They two discuss their love lifes, Matt's feelings for Petra Shannon, and Sydney's relationship with Greg Duran, and how she still harbors feelings for McNamara.
  19. Directed by Aasera, a fleet of Rukakon attack Fleet Prime at Mimas, and fire upon the planet's mines, trapping the prisoners.
  20. The attack causes a avalanche, and Aleston and Abe Daggett fall several stories deeper into the mines. Abe is severly injured by the drop.
  21. Aasera goes down to Mimas in to kill Sydney, in order to make her father, Blackfoot, suffer. She is unable to do so.
  22. The friction between Shaya and Abe finally comes to a head, and the two argue out their history and problems with each other.
  23. Abe passes out from injury, and using her enhanced abilities, Shaya is forced to carry him through the mines. She also rescues an infant Cesere.
  24. Fleet Prime repells the Rukakon attack and remains in orbit around Mimas, while the rescue mission continues.
  25. The Rukukaon abandon Aasera on Mimas, but not before capturing Blackfoot.
  26. Aasera becomes a prisoner of Starfleet.
  27. The Revelation is tasked with transporting Aasera to Trinity Core immediately.
  28. Shaya discovers the prisoners on Mimas and alerts the Fleet.
  29. Cardassians invade the Federation Embassy on Bajor. Rivera, Zelazko, Rix, and company attempt to repell the invasion.
  30. Greg Duran proposes to Sydney Sloane.
  31. During the search and rescue, the female Q, known for pestering Matt Blackfoot, has an encounter with Evan McNamara, telling him that he is incapable of maintaining a romantic relationship with a woman, which is why he is always alone. Much like his omniversal constant relationship with Neilan Loran, he is alone in every universe, in some form or fashion. He cannot maintain love. The two rare onmniversal cases where he has found love, his significant others are killed by fate, so that he remains alone.
  32. The Q tells McNamara that he has tilted fate before, so there is a chance he can do it again. He best chance of love is with Sydney Sloane.
  33. Realizing McNamara is shaken up for an unknown reason, Dr. Shannon looks after him.
  34. McNamara confesses his encounter with the Q to Dr. Shannon.
  35. Counselor Lansing attempts to question Aasera about her dealings with the Rukakon and the whereabouts of Blackfoot.
  36. Admiral Luc calls him some help at Bajor, and Starfleet is able to repell the Cardassian invasion of the Federation Embassy.
  37. Cesere sneak attack Fleet Prime during the Mimas evacuation. A severe battle takes place and Fleet Prime loses.
  38. Hertzog calls upon his Thunderchief, Rhe, to rescuse some of the remaining Federation Starships (Aegis and Sao Paulo) from the battle, in the process abandons the rest of the prisoners on Mimas.
  39. McNamara reacts badly to Hertzog's decision and has him arrested. The Thunderchief Rhe is placed in Starfleet custody.
  40. The battered fleet returns to Trinity Core for repairs.
  41. Abe Daggett and Shaya Aleston come to an understanding of their relationship. They opt to remain friends for the time being.
  42. McNamara attempts to confess his feelings for Sydney but fails due to the announcement she is engaged to Greg Duran.
  43. Shaya Aleston returns to the USS Hunter, where the infant Cesere is contained. The infant shows signs of attachement to Aleston.
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