4.3: Inseparable


A sudden assault on the Rukakon forces within the Sol-system triggers the massacre of billions of Federation lives in return, suddenly and violently changing the face of the war. As those in charge on both sides struggle to keep things from descending into complete chaos, discoveries are made in the black room that have great repercussions for the omniverse as a whole and a familiar face brings light to those seeming trapped in limbo…

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Notable Events

  1. In the black room, Nishichiro is reunited with Danzig, a former colleague believed killed several years ago.
  2. Petra explains to Jeremiah that she just wants to be friends.
  3. As the Sao Paulo's new chief of security, Abe Daggett explores the ship and meets Paige Reagan for the first time.
  4. Evan McNamara and Sydney Sloane are reunited.
  5. Applying pressure to the New Federation regarding the Changeling Murderer, Gul Levat resides on Bajor, making his presense known.
  6. Rivera has Zelazko nominated for the Federation Presidency. Zelazko declines.
  7. In an act of extreme defiance against Starfleet's wishes, Captain Mahomet attacks and destroys multiple Ruakakon ships, their crews with them.
  8. The Rukakon retaliate with the creedo, One million per Rukakon casuality. Billions of Federation citizens are killed by the use of explosives.
  9. Due to his involvement with Mahomet, Hertzog is discharged from Starfleet.
  10. Remans capture Admiral Luc and his away team. They are tortured for information.
  11. It is revealed that the planet Romulus was consumed by the Void.
  12. Doctor Shannon and Counselor Lansing begin their relationship as brother and sister.
  13. Those consumed by the Void discover they are not dead and that they are housed with fellow dopplegangers from different alternates. They get to know one another.
  14. Due to Storm going AWOL, Commander McNamara is appointed second-in-command of Project Infinite as Chief of Field Operations.
  15. Survivors on Earth attempt to find shelter and food.
  16. Fleet Prime destoys Tor Kelin's ship with him inside, and replace him with a clone.
  17. However, Tor is secretly saved by Bungle.
  18. Through Mahomet's actions, Starfleet obtains the OrbitalCruiser Khorus.
  19. P.I. is tasked to transport the Khorus to a secure location.
  20. Evan McNamara makes a play for his former girlfriend Kali. However, she spurns his advances.
  21. The Sao Paulo crew is tasked to investigate the explosives used to murder billions of the Federation's citizens.
  22. Admiral Luc escapes his Reman captor and attempts to rescue his comrades.
  23. During its transfer, the Khorus activates a beacon, drawing fellow Rukakon attention.
  24. Rukakon attack the Federation fleet escorting the Khorus.
  25. The Mars prisoners are held in a cooling station, which is inhabited by infant Cesere. The prisoners fight for their lives.
  26. In agonizing labor, Heather Dixon finds herself secluded from the rest of the Mars prisoners.
  27. In an attempt to "educate" Blackfoot on the pains of childbirth, The Q bring Blackfoot to Dixon. Blacfoot takes the opportunity to rescue her.
  28. Blackfoot steals Petra from the St.Leonard in order to save Dixon and her baby.
  29. Heather gives birth and it is revealed that her baby is a Human/Cesere hybrid.
  30. Petra makes it her personal mission to save the mother and child. She seeks out Dr. Vantos.
  31. An alternate Evan McNamara is introduced. He is involved in a conflict with Bridgeman/Clarke, characters seen in episode *Sacred Vow* .
  32. Luc rescues his commrades and then retreats to Bajor.
  33. ^McNamara's girlfiend is killed by Clarke. Later, ^McNamara is consumed by the Void.
  34. Professor Nishichiro discovers ^McNamara and aids him.
  35. Lt. Blake discovers the Khorus beacon, and Commander McNamara leads an away team to deactivate it.
  36. "Tir Vahkt" (Ebik) takes personal vendetta against McNamara for the death of his brother, and disobeys direct orders to kill McNamara.
  37. McNamara is severly beaten by Vahkt, but before he can stike the killing blow, he is transported back to Rukeakon ship, the Nuksamun.
  38. The away team is unable to deactivate the beacon, and the Khrous is able to shed its shell to become a CoreCruiser, and attempt an escape.
  39. The beacon draws in muliple Rukakon Cruisers and the escort fleet is erradicated, including the St. Leonard.
  40. Luckily, Fleet Prime comes in at the last minute and repells the Ruke fleet, captures the Khorus, and saves McNamara and some of his crew.
  41. The Real Elias Novaq, along with several others, attempt an escape from the Void.
  42. Darren Lambert is reintoduced. Captain of the Pride of Mellville, Lambert is tasked to bring Novaq and company out of the Void.
  43. Having survived their mission on Reyas, Abe and Paige visit the Sao Paulo's Ten Forward. The two become drunk and begin a physical relationship. However, they do not sleep together.
  44. Commander McNamara is given command of the USS Aegis, a top-of-the-line ship assigned to Project Infinite.
  45. Fed up with negotiations, Gul Levat orders a fleet of Cardassian ships to take orbit around the planet Bajor. He gives Rivera the ultimatum, surrender the Changeling or be attacked.
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