4.2 Solitude


Those believed lost to The Void awaken in a strange place, locked in individual rooms with no sign of their captors. Slowly, the mystery of where they are begins to unfold…

Meanwhile, the truth about the Void threatens to spill out once more as the Seth and Drake's combined forces continue to prepare for the eventual Rukakon counter-attack in the Si Feller system.

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Notable Events

  1. Several of the individuals, thought to be consumed by the Void, find themselves in a secluded black room made of glass. Some of the individuals include Nishichiro, Yoshii, and Dietrich. They can see one another through the glass walls but are unable to verbally communicate.
  2. Lt. Commander Paige Reagan is assigned as chief of engineering of the USS Sao Paulo.
  3. Having been captured by the Rukakon, Lt. Commander Heather Dixon is imprisoned on Mars.
  4. Abe Daggett decides to transfer off of Project Infinite. Petra Shannon and Joe Blake attempt to disuade him from doing so.
  5. Commander McNamara works with Mr. Feare, in the hopes of regaining his entire memory.
  6. During the New Federation sessions, the Cardassian ambassador is murdered by an unknown assailant.
  7. Captain Rivera, Commodore Zelazko, and Commander Rix investigate the murder.
  8. Gul Levat of the Starship Ravage gives Rivera and his team a 24 hour ultimatum, demanding that the murderer be captured and turned over to Cardassian authorities.
  9. Starfleet and the defector fleet ally at the Si-Feller system to counter-attack the Rukukon.
  10. Special Agent Ellyn Leighton joins Rivera and the others in the search for the murderer, who happens to be a Changeling.
  11. After an intense memory session, Evan recalls some of his memories, mostly names and faces.
  12. With the help of Subcommander Otek, Admiral Luc and his team enter Romulan space but are captured by Subcommander T'Pev and his Tal Shiar allies.
  13. Subcommander T'Pev's ship is boarded by Remans.
  14. Commander McNamara withstands another grueling memory session and aftewards has total recall.
  15. It is revealed that Rukukon are hiding out at the Si-Feller System, their purpose unknown.
  16. Admiral Drake orders Commander McNamara to the Avatar, to discuss the events of Karfaeg.
  17. Rivera and the others capture the Changeling.
  18. Gul Levat demands the Changeling be handed over to the Cardassian Government.
  19. Commander McNamara and Admiral Drake discuss the events of Karfaeg. Afterwards, McNamara requests to re-join Project Infinite. Drake grants Evan's request.
  20. Otek and T'Pev escape the Remans and reboard the Impirion. They then save Admiral Luc and his team.
  21. Tor and his away team fall into a Rukukon trap on Douane.
  22. Suspcious of Otek, Sydney flees the Impirion by means of an escape pod. Her mission is to seek Commodore Zelazko's help.
  23. Luc and the others discover Romulus is gone (destroyed), and fall captive to the Remans. Otek is killed during the struggle.
  24. Evan McNamara visits the Avatar's ten-forward and hooks up with an attractive Orion Woman, cheating on his girlfriend Paige.
  25. Paige discovers Evan's indisgrestion and breaks up with him.
  26. The Sao Paulo is attacked by a Cesere Vessel, its mission focused solely on Douane.
  27. Tor and his team escape the trap, but only to discover that the Douane inhabitants have been taken by the Cesere.
  28. Abe Daggett leaves Project Infinite.
  29. Having retrieved intel at Mars, Greg Duran meets with Captain Nagashira and discusses a proper offensive, and agree to join forces.
  30. Sydney reaches Bajor and asks Zelazko for help in rescueing Admiral Luc and the others. Zelazko agrees.
  31. Gul Levat refuses to leave Bajor until he has the Changeling killer, and threatens to pursue war if his demands are met at a reasonable time.
  32. Zelazko tells Sydney Evan McNamara is alive, and gives her a mission to return to Trinity Core, in the hopes of assisting Starfleet with the Mars Offensive.
  33. The ^Nishichiros are held captive in the unknown black room. Suddenly, they all fall prey to heavy internal pain, and a voice speaks to the unconscious "home" Nishichiro, telling him it is time to speak about the Void.
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