4.1 In Dante's Footsteps


A month on and, with the Redeemer and several of the crew lost to The Void, others unaccounted for ahnd imprisoned, those remaining struggle to find their place and hold things together against the continued threat of both the Rukakon and the Void.

Still, divided as they are, it seems only a matter of time before their inevitable fall.

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Notable Events

  1. The Ghost module of SB Trinity Core remains missing.
  2. Doctor J'Nathan joins Project Infinite as it's Head of Science.
  3. After it's capture by the Rukakon Hierarchy, Betazed is being converted into a massive power station.
  4. On the Rukakon Hard Labor Camp, Lazon II, Jaybin (a man with no memory) and Lt. Commander Paige Reagan are held prisoner.
  5. At Bajor, Captain Rivera and rogue Klingon Colonel Kuras begin to draw support for a 'Free Federation'.
  6. Captain Seth, aided by Lt. Commander Doug Spade, travels to the Federation research base Flashback in the Si Feller system to find Bungle, who has re-appeared after a long absence.
  7. President Jarvinen meets up with Captain Carlin and Lt. Commander Mitchell in the Cesere Prison on Mars.
  8. Counselor Azrixxiene and other Federation government personnel break out of confinement in the Cesere Prison on Mars.
  9. Consul General Rosslyn Tanaka forgoes attending the conference on Bajor in order to participate in a mission to attempt to make the Romulans allies in the fight against the Rukakon.
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