3.9 House Of Cards


Following a devastating series of attacks across the Alpha and Beta quadrants, voices that are usually used in anger against one another are united - however precariously - by a common foe: The Followers of the Reckoning.

After breaking Antors Kerr, Starfleet has the lead, but the other races are not far behind. But whilst all eyes are turned towards The Followers, greater threats go unnoticed…

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Notable Events

  1. With the recent terrorist attacks, the Federation and other alien governments begin to tally their losses and devise a plan for a counter offensive.
  2. Captain Vicars offers his support to SB Trinity Core in order to bulk base defenses.
  3. Storm and Cmdr Daggett continue to have a power struggle over P.I.
  4. Commodore Zelazko awakes on the planet Vulcan, his injuries mostly healed.
  5. Pushing the attack on Section 7 aside, Evan McNamara continues on in his mission to defeat Neilan Loran.
  6. Rivera asks Nob to help him gain funding for his missions.
  7. Christa Novaq joins Prof. Nishichiro in Project Operations.
  8. Heather Dixon is informed that she is pregnant.
  9. Abe Daggett is finally allowed to visit Shaya Aleston on Ghost. He enquires about what happened on Port Meltheus.
  10. Rukukon Viekan and Zaeg gain control of Forever World, which includes the Guardian of Forever. They enquire about the most powerful explosive in existence.
  11. Tor continues on in his mission to save his family.
  12. Admiral Janeway orders Agent Ellyn Leighton to speak with Captain Carlin, regarding President Jarvinen's rule of the Federation.
  13. Commodore Zelazko allows the Vulcans access to his mind, and they learn of the Void, Project Infinite, and much more. Zelazko joins the Vulcans in the fight against the Void, and is given command of a Vulcan vessel in order to track down the Followers.
  14. The Ferengi make moves to track down the Followers, including bribing Nob for information.
  15. Heather Dixon can't find it in herself to tell Max Hertzog about the pregnancy.
  16. McNamara tracks down ^Christa Novaq in alternate 13, and discovers Loran is present in the same universe. McNamara is captured by the AFS and later confronted by Christa.
  17. Christa releases McNamara and gives him all the information she has on Loran and the Progenitor.
  18. Rix comes out of her coma, now in control of her mind. She gives Commander Storm the information he needs to infultrate the Follower's strong hold on the planet Pyxis.
  19. Hundreds of Klingon ships orbit Trinity Core, demanding that Storm turn over Rix and Antos Kerr, as they are important to the mission of destroying the Followers.
  20. Continuing their power struggle, Commander Daggett and Commander Storm argue over the actions that must be taken. Storm refuses to listen to Daggett and joins Captain Rivera on the Bulwark, with Rix and Kerr in tow, in order to defeat the Followers.
  21. Manipulating Gronza and ^Captain Sydney Sloane, Loran attacks Cordian, the planet housing ^Christa Novaq and Evan McNamara.
  22. Several governments team up in order to defeat the Followers. They include Starfleet, Vulcan, Klingon, Breen, Ferengi, and Rukukon.
  23. Dr. Petra Shannon is introduced.
  24. Matt Blackfoot is introduced. He is in search of his daughter, Sasha.
  25. Klingons, allied to Captain Rivera, come to Trinity Core's aid. Both Klingon factions begin to fight one another outside Trinity.
  26. It is revealed that the Followers of the Reckoning actually do have a god … a rouge Q.
  27. Storm takes an away team down to Pyxis and the rouge Q harasses them.
  28. McNamara escapes Coridan with the help of ^Christa Novaq. However, McNamara and Loran engage in a small fight, before Evan makes a getaway,
  29. Zelazko and the Vulcans beam down to Pyxis. Zelazko does well at frustrating the rouge Q.
  30. Aasera overhears the rouge Q saying the Followers was a joke of his, so she flees the scene in anger.
  31. It is revealed that Matt's daughter, Sasha, is indeed Aasera. They two fight which results in Matt being severely stabbed. Kali comes to his aid, beaming them up to the Bulwark.
  32. Heather Dixon reveals that she is preganant to Max Hertzog. Max shows visible happiness.
  33. The Q Continuum comes for the Rouge Q, telling Zelazko that "everyone" has a lot of work to do in stopping the Void.
  34. All the races involved in the attack of the Followers actually see the Void and its growth.
  35. McNamara tells Phi that she must return to Trinity with the Orobas.
  36. Drake and Vicars scheme against Storm and Cmdr. Daggett in order to take control of Trinity Core.
  37. Dr. Shannon and Dr. Vantos work on an injured Matt Blackfoot.
  38. Cmdr. Calgary informs Admiral Luc that the Void secret has been compromised.
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