3.8 A Redshirt's Progress


The Project Infinite team are called in to deal with an automated distress call from an immense travelling base known as Port Meltheus. After an attack, the base appears to be damaged and on course for the Void: whether or not the distress call is genuine, with thousands of lives at stake, the crew have no choice but to intercept her. And yet only way they will emerge alive lies in the hands of a man with no nameā€¦

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Notable Events

  1. The war between the Federation and the Rukukon has waged on for over a month now.
  2. Now back on Naozane Alpha, Evan McNamara has spent his time training to fight the Progenitor Symbiot, using questionable training methods.
  3. Still heavily injured, Zelazko insists that Dr. Vantos give him options to heal, despite the risk of the proceedure.
  4. Abe Daggett is demoted to ensign but allowed to remain on the Project.
  5. Project Infinite receives a distress call from Porth Meltheus, which happens to be en route with the Void.
  6. Captain Breanne Neal 'Sydney' goes on her first ever date.
  7. Adm. Luc recruits Nia and Kali to help figure out why the Rix Trill has gone catatonic, using their telepathic abilities.
  8. Secret Service Agent Ellyn Leighton continues to question Antos Kerr regarding the Followers, but with little success.
  9. Mr. Feare joins the interrogation, cutting Kerr for answers.
  10. Paul Hertzog, nephew of Max Hertzog, is contaminated by the Green Flash attack on San Fran. He askes his uncle for help as the moss is spreading and there is no way of stopping it.
  11. Consul General Rosslyn Tanaka asks her husband, Ian, a public affairs officer with the Federation Department of Education, to pass the message to the new Secretary of State that she is alive and did not abandon her post. She also requests that he ensure the safety of Federation Revenue Service analyst Brett Kenner, husband of Adriana Kenner.
  12. Diplomatic Security Agent Adriana Kenner continues to recover in the base infirmary.
  13. Nishichiro contacts McNamara, informing him to contact one Mr. Orthanc, the man who might know more aboout the Progenitor.
  14. Aftering loosing a few digits, Antos Kerr agrees to tell Starfleet everything he knows about the Followers.
  15. Max Hertzog and Heather Dixon continue to pursue their romantic relationship, discussing their insecurities.
  16. Evan has Phi take him to Al-Tar, home of Mr. Orthanc.
  17. Commander Storm assembles an away team to investigate Port Meltheus.
  18. Bowman receives information from the USS Lightning that the Rukukon are involved with Porth Meltheus.
  19. Novaq, Westyn, and Torr decide to spy on Adm. Drake.
  20. McNamara ends up in a shady environment on Al-Tar and has a run-in with a couple of the locals, who attempt to steal the Orobas. Evan escapes the thieves, but is knocked out by someone who was spying on him.
  21. Zelazko questions Nishichiro on his involvement with McNamara's escape. Zelazko doesn't trust the Professor for reasons he can't quite put his finger on.
  22. McNamara is woken by Simm, an employee of Mr. Orthanc. The two work together to return to the Orthanc Complex, but are hunted down by the Conglomerate, the local mob.
  23. The Infinite away team find Port Meltheus abandoned. Suddenly, the port jumps into warp, trapping the team inside.
  24. Abe Daggett is hurt during the jump into warp, but he is helped by an unidentified 'Red Shirt' Starfleet Officer.
  25. Storm and the others discover Port Security Chief, Shakt hiding out from danger. Shakt agrees to help the away team to stop the Port's motion.
  26. During a high speed chase, Simm is killed by a member of the Conglomerate. However, McNamara makes it to the Orthanc Complex safely.
  27. Mr. Orthanc reveals himself, claiming his name to be Pill.
  28. It is revealed that Simm is not dead, that in fact, she is a Simulacra, a human-oid, able to tranfer her posatronic brain from human body to highly advanced shuttle.
  29. While searching Rix's mind, Luc, Kali, and Nia are attacked by Tenel, the evil Trill personality of Rix.
  30. Captain Carlin and Commander Mitchell of Ground Zero Recovery, investigate the Green Flash spread.
  31. The 'Redshirt' helps Abe find members of his away team.
  32. Pill informs Evan all that he knows of the Progenitor. Pill tells Evan that the Progenitor cannot be killed, but the symbiont Loran can be.
  33. Traps befall the away team on Port Meltheus, killing a marine.
  34. A Followers terrorist succeeds in blowing up a portion of the Palais de la Concorde.
  35. Federation News Reporter, Cadence Ramsey is introduced to the story.
  36. Tor and Westyn succeed in infultrating Adm. Drake's forces.
  37. Jarvinen attempts to remove Zelazko from Project Infinite, but Zelazko threatens to take P.I public if Jarvinen removes him from Project.
  38. Rosslyn Tanaka begins a dialogue with Mur Mist, the Rukakon representative on the base, hoping to gather information which may help to save Earth from the Green Flash.
  39. Adriana Kenner releases herself from the infirmary without permission, to return to the task of guarding Tanaka.
  40. Cadence Ramsey and co-worker, Peter Crittenden, uncover a recording from Jarvinen's private channel, and catch wind of Project Infinite.
  41. Ramsey attempts to track down Captain Seth in order to discover more about the Project.
  42. Ellyn Leighton discusses the Federation's state of affairs with Admiral Luc, and her feelings of conflict towards which side of the potential coming civil war she belongs on.
  43. Commander Yoshii is given command of the USS Battle of Vulcan.
  44. Commander Daggett informs Admiral Luc that he will not be allowed to travel with the BoV due to suspicion of his involvement with Commodore Zelazko.
  45. Zelazko is taken into custody by the USS Battle of Vulcan and is transfered to the USS Laramie beforing reaching Earth.
  46. The Laramie is attacked by Rukukon ships and the Laramie is forced to send out a distress call.
  47. The Battle of Vulcan responds, but not before Vulcan starships step in and dispose of the Ruke ships. Commodore Zelazko ends up in Vulcan custody.
  48. It is revealed that Security Chief Shakt is sinister and made a deal with the Cesere to turn over Porth Meltheus. The away team fends off the Cesere but not before several of the Marines die.
  49. Shaya Aleston has a strange encounter with the Cesere, but she is left relatively unharmed.
  50. The Redshirt is revealed to be Commander Kurt Bilstein, the man who spoke against Adm. Drake during the corruption purge.
  51. The Vulcans come to the Laramie's aid, and destroy the Ruke ships.
  52. Zelazko is the lone survivor on the Laramie and is taken into Vulcan custody.
  53. Commander Yoshii, of the USS Battle of Vulcan, tries to get Zelazko back in Starfleet custody, bu the Vulcans refuse to cooperate.
  54. Dr. Paul Hertzog, with the help of Mist, discovers a cure for the Green Moss. However, Paul dies soon after due to a broken heart, having lost his fiance to the moss.
  55. Tor and Westyn discover that Adm. Drake has an alliance with the Breen.
  56. Admirals Janeway and Luc meet privately to discuss what they can do about Jarvinen. Special Agent Ellyn Leighton joins the conversation and a private alliance is formed.
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