3.7 Onslaught

The following the devastating Rukakon attack, countered only by Drake's emergence, Starfleet finds itself near crippled and besieged, desperately searching for options. Hard choices need to be made which may decide the fate of the Federation, but all the while, others turn their eyes toward Project Infiniteā€¦

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Notable Events

  1. Admiral Jarvinen considers Admiral Drake's proposal, regarding his return to Starfleet.
  2. Commander Yoshii receives a transfer off of Project Infinite.
  3. Relenting to the council's decision, Admiral Luc provides counsel to Admiral Jarvinen regarding Drake's possible return.
  4. Drake and the fleet quickly discover that Mars is heavily fortified and they are unable to attack.
  5. Counselor Amber Jordan also receives a transfer.
  6. Having confiscated a vessel, ^Neilan Loran continues to hunt down Evan McNamara in the home alternate.
  7. President Jarvinen allows Drake admittance within Starfleet.
  8. Klingons, loyal to Colonel Kuras, bring a severed hand of the android B4, evidence of the USS Enterprise's wherabouts.
  9. Upon request of Mr. Keys, Commodore Zelazko speaks with the head of Suliban government, inital talks for an alliance.
  10. Abe and Shaya have a public confrontation regarding their relationship, and both are put in the brig.
  11. Abe is stripped of rank and taken off of Project Infinite.
  12. Captain Carlin and the Missouri are ordered to rendezvous with Drake and the Avatar, to liberate Mars from Rukukon control.
  13. Drake bombs Venus, while a battle takes place in Sol Space.
  14. The Rukukon place mines around Earth. Also, Drake activates a weapons grid around Earth as well.
  15. Project Infinite discovers a unexplained power surge and McNamara takes a team to investigate.
  16. McNamara and Jordan spend time together before leaving.
  17. Kerr and Rix sneak onto Trinity, posing as members of the crew.
  18. While investigating the surge, McNamara's shuttle is attacked by an unknown assailant. McNamara manages to evade the attacker and crash lands his shuttle at a local M-Class Planet.
  19. Rivera takes the Bulwark to a unidentified space station, in search of the home alternate Carlos Rivera.
  20. It is revealed that the Progenitor Loran is the one who attacked McNamara's shuttle. Loran hunts down the shuttle.
  21. Carlin and Seth try to transport the mines surrounding Earth and Sol space.
  22. Rix and Kerr set explosives and traps all through Trinity.
  23. Rivera, Bryce, Mako, and marines search the space station, only to be attacked by Klingon / Jem'Hadar hybrids.
  24. Loran tries to kill Jordan and Dietrich, but McNamara manages to draw Loran away, and trick him into stepping into a sinking mud pit.
  25. # Admiral Drake has Captain Neal of the Lightninig send for Mur Shabi, a female Rukukon defector, considered valuable in the current war.
  26. Carlin and Drake show disdain for each other. Carlin heatedly requests that Drake deactivate the grid. Drake refuses.
  27. Disguised as one Lt. Cmdr Reed, Kerr has a run in with Chang. This catches Nishichiro's eye.
  28. McNamara, Jordan, and Dietrich flee to the jungle cliffs, only to be followed by Loran. Loran attacks McNamara and Jordan intervenes, only to be knocked off the cliff.
  29. The USS Indianapolis arrives, forcing Loran to flee.
  30. McNamara climbs down the cliff, to hold Jordan as she dies. They are beamed up to the Indinapolis where she finally passes away.
  31. Rivera and his team find the science lab, and his home alternate doppelganger.
  32. McNamara and Dietrich are brought back to Trinity.
  33. Suspicious, Nishichiro confronts Lt. Cmdr Reed, at which point he activates the explosives.
  34. Explosions occur all through Trinity.
  35. Kerr and Nishichiro fight. Kerr is put down and almost stabbed by Sully. However, Rix saves Kerr just in time.
  36. Rix and Kerr transport to Ghost, only to be captured by 'Grom' who is disguised as Admiral Bowman.
  37. Distraught by Jordan's death, McNamara ultimately decides to hunt down Loran.
  38. McNamara takes the artifact Orobas, with the help of Nishichiro.
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