3.6 Judgement


Starfleet and the Federation continues to reel from the attack on San Fransisco as the official death toll continues to rise and -with no-one claiming responsibility for the attack - questions and conspiracies begin to run rife.

But, as new leaders rise up to guide the Federation through this difficult time, others continue to plot against her in secret…

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Notable Events

  1. Admiral Siro Jarvinen keeps Federation martial law in affect.
  2. Commander Jeremiah Daggett III is assigned to the project as liaison between Jarvinen and Project Infinite.
  3. Abe Daggett is informed that his parents were killed in the San Fransisco attack.
  4. Seth and Tor question their place at Novaq's side.
  5. Commander Dixon accepts her feelings for Hertzog and the two start a relationship.
  6. McNamara and Jordan display their feelings for each other.
  7. ^Neilan Loran continues his massacre of alternate McNamaras.
  8. Tixlan attempts to steal the USS Thanatos, an order given to him by the Rukukon heirarchy.
  9. Rivera is ordered to take the Bulwark and investigate.
  10. To prove her worth to the Followers, Rix gives Aasera Trinity Core base weaknesses, which they exploit with cloaked missile fire.
  11. After Kerr is rescued, Ellyn Leighton, Rosslyn Tanaka, and Adriana Kenner are almost taken into custody by Starfleet Command. They escape and contact McNamara for help.
  12. Project Infinite sends an away team to assist Leighton and the others.
  13. The Redeemer arrives just in time to save Leighton, Tanaka, and Kenner.
  14. The Bulwark engages the Thantaos but has difficultly stopping the three section starship.
  15. Aasera takes Rix and Kerr to an unknown planet, to meet the true leader of the Followers, Namirha.
  16. It is revealed that the San Francisco recovery is not going well. Blame falls upon Admiral Jarvinen for spreading the resources so thin.
  17. Admiral Luc breaks away from Jarvinen rule, thought to be mutiny.
  18. Starfleet and the Rukukon engage each other for the first time since the signing of the Valkurak peace treaty.
  19. With Captain Rivera influence, Colonel Kuras of the klingons agrees to assist Starfleet if a possible Rukukon attack occurs.
  20. In an attempt to steal all portions of the Thanatos, Tixlan attacks the Bulwark.
  21. Tixlan follows after the Bulwark, falling into a set trap at Trinity Core.
  22. A battle wages outside Trinity Core, involving Starfleet, the Rukukon, and the Klingons.
  23. Doctor Heegan Nisrot is killed during the battle.
  24. The Rukes retreat, but not without their prize, the USS Thanatos.
  25. Colonel Kuras vows that the Klingon empire will treaty with the Federation again, however the Empire does not, issueing total seclusion from outsiders.
  26. Novaq discovers that the Rukukon attacked the secret Bishamon base.
  27. Trinity Core slowly recovers from the Ruke attack.
  28. The Rukukon fleet attacks the Federation, including Earth.
  29. Admiral Jarvinen is elected Federation president and keeps martial law in affect.
  30. Using wormhole tech and a secret fleet, Admiral Novaq defends the Bishamon system, with help from the Lloigor.
  31. Finally coming out of hiding, Admiral Drake and his rouge fleet save Earth before it is taken by the Rukukon. He bombs the Rukakon Operations Centre Core and asks to allowed admittance back into the Federation, so that he might fight against the Rukes, making the Federation strong once more.
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