3.5 Whisper


As the crew deal with recent events and others unseen plot the downfall of the Starfleet and the Federation, a malfunction with the phase cloak/wormhole generator leaves the Redeemer stuck between universes. However, once there the crew begin to experience a strange phenomenon: the dead begin to manifest before them with words of comfort, wisdom and warning…

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Notable Events

  1. Professor Nishichiro and Commander McNamara decide that Gronza should be returned to his own alternate.
  2. Commodore Zelazko takes Sydney off of Project Infinite due to disobeying a direct order.
  3. Admiral Bowman asks Captain Rivera to stay at Trinity Core for security purposes.
  4. Heather Dixon tries to break things off with Max Hertzog but can't seem to do it.
  5. Evan McNamara and Amber Jordan sort their feelings for each other.
  6. Zelazko orders McNamara to escort Sydney back to Earth to await the Infinite Council's decision.
  7. Drunk, Lieutenant Daggett crushes Commander Thor's hand, and is taken off active duty and placed in the brig.
  8. A recon team travels to Alternate 013 (thought to be at war) to discover its political stability.
  9. After a council meeting, it is voted that Sydney will be deactivated.
  10. The President of the Federation is assassinated by Antos Kerr.
  11. Sydney makes an escape.
  12. The USS Redeemer, led by Commodore Stephen Zelazko, get caught in a "non-space" during their travel through a wormhole to Alternate 013.
  13. Antos Kerr makes an escape but is hunted down my Admiral Luc and Commander McNamara.
  14. Special Agent Ellyn Leighton assists in the hunt for Kerr.
  15. Kerr escapes in a shuttle, but McNamara and Ellyn follow in hot pursuit.
  16. The crew of the Redeemer experience encounters by ghosts.
  17. Sully is visited the ghost of David Winters.
  18. Zelazko is visited the ghost of his deceased wife, and Admiral Neilan Loran.
  19. Aleston is visited by the ghost of Captain Bill Rauchland.
  20. Hertozg is visited by several ghosts which include most of his family and former work colleges (good and bad).
  21. Kerr is captured, but not without causalities. Admiral Luc mind is injured during a mental assault on Kerr.
  22. Lieutenant Arleina Torr joins Project Infinite, and assists Commander McNamara with the Kerr interrigation.
  23. Sydney goes the Kuiper Yards to assist A.I. Thunderchief, Rhe.
  24. San Franscico is bombed destroying the Vice President, Starfleet HQ, and the academy.
  25. Rix saves Kerr from captivity.
  26. Special Agent Ellyn Leighton, who had been transporting Kerr to prison, is placed under arrest without explanation by Starfleet security on board the ship previously transporting Kerr. She escapes, taking a shuttle and making her way to Ramos IV, where a teeming underworld is the perfect backdrop for those who wish to dissapear.
  27. Rosslyn Tanaka, Federation Consul General on Ramos IV, is ordered by a Starfleet attache to turn over her post to him. When she refuses the orders from outside her chain of command and states that she will only surrender her authority upon direction by the SecState or the President, the officer attempts to place her under arrest and responds with force when she attempts to flee. She escapes with Diplomatic Security Agent Adriana Kenner, who sustains injuries in her defense. The fate of the Federation Ambassador on Ramos II remains unknown.
  28. On Ramos IV, by pure chance Ellyn Leighton meets up with Rosslyn Tanaka and Adriana Kenner. Together the three women lay low and consider their best next move.
  29. Commander Rix reveals her affliation with Antos Kerr. Both are working for the Followers.
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