3.4 Death And The Maiden


Though not imminent, it is clear that any expansion of the Void is likely to destroy it's closest civilisation, namely the Maiden Colony.

The crew must come up with a cover story to evacuate all 17,000+ inhabitants, without arousing suspicion. The truth cannot be allowed to escape.

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Notable Events

  1. Professor Nishichiro discovers that an inevitable expanse of the Void will overtake the Maiden Colony.
  2. Commander McNamara has nightmares and contacts Counselor Jordan via communique.
  3. Project Infinite devises a plan to evacuate the Maiden Colony.
  4. Lieutenant Gelva proposes that Dr. Tolian Soran's research of destorying a star is their best opition.
  5. The proposal is denied by Admiral Bowman and Commodore Zelazko, due to project secrecy.
  6. Lt. Commander Ryan A. Galen joins the crew of Project Infinite.
  7. Section 7 begins its mission to infiltrate the Followers of the Reckoning space station.
  8. Professor Nishichiro encourages Gelva to contact Captain Picard secretly about Soran's research.
  9. Chief Hertzog gives another option for disrupting Maiden's sun, involving a used Romulan cloaking device.
  10. The Bulwark, lead by Captain Rivera, goes to a Romulan shipyard to obtain a cloaking device.
  11. Commander McNamara is captured by the Followers of the Reckoning, but not before his fellow Section 7 members get away with valuable Followers information. Evan is also able to activate a homing beckon Sydney gave him.
  12. The Redeemer causes fluxuations in the Maiden star, alarming the Maiden residents. They send out a distress call to Starfleet.
  13. Commander McNamara is tortured by Aasera for Project Infinite information.
  14. Sydney disobeys a direct order from Commodore Zelazko and goes after Evan, with the help of Amber Jordan.
  15. The Bulwark crew successfully retrieve a Romulan cloaking device, but are forced to leave Hertzog behind.
  16. Hertzog is saved by Phi. The ship aids the Bulwark as well.
  17. Admiral Novaq, Captain Seth, and Tor investigate a Shadow Complex for something that Admiral Drake might want to obtain. They realize Drake is after an extremely powerful substance responsible for destroying the Dystopic Universe.
  18. The Rukukon fire upon the Enterprise, forcing her to flee Klingon space.
  19. Sydney rescues Evan, as well as Kestrel. However, in a fight with Aasera, she looses most of her body, save her head.
  20. The Bulwark places the cloaking devices in the Maiden star, as well as its sister star. Both stars begin to implode.
  21. Commodore Zelazko is informed of Sydney disobeying his direct order and has her put in the brig.
  22. A mob breaks out on Maiden. Thor and Daggett are forced to keep the peace.
  23. Hertzog returns to SB Trinity, only to leave again with Commander McNamara, in order to prevent an untimely Maiden star implode.
  24. Commander Storm assists Thor and Daggett, and with the help of Yoshii and the local police, they put down the mob.
  25. McNamara and Hertzog slow the Maiden star implode process.
  26. Project Infinite is able to evacuate the planet on time.
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