3.3 Sacred Vow


On patrol around the Void as part of Operation Voltigeur, the fighters stumble upon a damaged Starfleet ship that they cannot identify with a dead civilian inside. Further examination brings the crew of Project Infinite into the picture, leading to a two-pronged investigation in both theirs and other universes …

  1. Several pilots of the USS Bulwark discover an unidentified ship, with a dead body and missing escape pod.
  2. The Bulwark and her fighters are attacked by the Pfing.
  3. Commander McNamara and Faughn receive a distress call from the USS Titan, regarding a hostage situation.
  4. The Bulwark crew retrieve the unidentified ship, and discover the ship has a wormhole generator. They soon discover there is a missing escape pod.
  5. McNamara and Faughn come to the aid of the USS Titan, under the command of Captain William T. Riker.
  6. The Titan orbits the planet Majenware. And terrorists have taken control of a Majenware city, Corenth. They hold hostages in Corenth City's capital building.
  7. Lieutenant Jaeih McKinely joins the crew as the Redeemer's operations officer.
  8. Zelazko is notified by Rivera that they have an unidentified ship with a wormhole generator. Zelazko sends an away team, lead by Commander Yoshii.
  9. Ensign Shoy Craz joins the science team of Project Infinite.
  10. The terrorist leader, known as the Apostle, orders Faughn to leave the vacinity and to let the "End" take place.
  11. McNamara, occupanied by Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, take a team down to Corenth City, to keep tabs on the terrorists.
  12. Faughn gives McNamara the order to enter the capital building, which ends up being a trap.
  13. The Bulwark crew discover that the John Doe and unidentified ship are not from the same alternate.
  14. Hertzog and Mori Seki are reunited.
  15. Lt. Commander Dixon uses wormhole technology to help resupply the Bulwark. The Fulcrum sneaks through the wormhole and Kreeg spies on Trinity.
  16. By use of the USS Peregrine, Admiral Loran enters the home alternate in search of Commander McNamara.
  17. Loran sends Gronza over to Trinity to question Counselor Jordan. Gronza attacks Jordan, but she is saved by Starbase Security. Gronza is captured.
  18. Loran flees the area because he is being tracked down by the Progenitor.
  19. The Bulwark crew search for the missing escape pod, and the Redeemer crew search for the John Doe's alternate.
  20. The Redeemer crew discover the commander of the unidentified ship is one Commander Bridgeman.
  21. Commander Bridgeman makes an appearance at Colony Straatus. He makes a deal with a sinister man named Innamura, in the hopes of trading up for a ship.
  22. The Redeemer travels to Alterante ^017 to find their John Doe.
  23. The terrorists blow up the Corenth City captial building, with themselves and the hostages still inside. McNamara and a few of his team are barely able to escape.
  24. Faughn is able to uncover the Followers' plans to destroy Trinity Core.
  25. The Bulwark tracks down the escape pod to Straatus. Rivera sends down an away team.
  26. Due to the missing Uziel file, Commodore Zelazko sends Thor and Daggett to retrieve Captain Rivera for questioning.
  27. The Bulwark away team, led by Rix, set a trap for Commander Bridgeman, but he doesn't bite, and a few pilots are forced to chase him down.
  28. Commander Bridgeman is knocked unconscious by the explosives set in his ship that he traded for from Innamura. Bridgeman is taken into custody by the Bulwark crew.
  29. After being presuaded by questionable tactics, Bridgeman reveals his mission, which is to save PI's counselor, Dr. Amber Jordan.
  30. Bridgeman explains to Rivera that he needs to find Counselor Jordan.
  31. Thor and Daggett tell Rivera that he must return to Trinity on regards to missing starbase files. Rivera decides to return to Trinity along with Commander Bridgeman.
  32. The Redeemer crew discover that their John Doe is one ^Commander Clarke. Oddly, they had met a Commander Clarke in alternate ^016 as well. Yoshii feels that something is amiss. The Redeemer returns back to the home alternate.
  33. Section 7 devises a plan to infultrate the Followers' base of operations, introducing new member, Mr. Keys.
  34. Aasera recruits new Follower member, Kestrel Bonis.
  35. Bridgeman informs Zelazko of his mission to save Amber Jordan. Zelazko takes Bridgeman into custody and tells him he will not allow him around Jordan until he deems it nessesary.
  36. By Rivera's orders, Nob transfers Uziel files into a holographic program called Ed.
  37. Zelzako orders security to guard Counselor Jordan, and then confronts Rivera about the Uziel file.
  38. Rivera skirts the issue. And secretly tries to get Ed to escape Trinity with the Uziel data.
  39. Bridgeman is given a chance to speak with Jordan. He accuses Private Clarke of trying to kill Jordan.
  40. Clakre attacks Jordan, but Bridgeman is able to interfere.
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