3.2 The Legend Of Ol' Red


Several days on and it's a new year for Project Infinite! The crew make the finishing touches to the new sensor net at The Void, so it is time for them to renew their mission once more to explore the omniverse …

Sending through a probe to the latest alternate, they discover a sensor net has been constructed there too, however they soon learn that it serves a rather different purpose: to track and hunt down massive spacebourne creatures, whom the local inhabitants they meet believe responsible for several recent deaths in the area.

To give the crew any chance of examining the region, it seems they must join the hunt!

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Notable Events

  1. Commander McNamara arrives at a planet Naozane Alpha to learn about his new assignment.
  2. McNamara is greeted by Admiral Luc and is introduced to the beginning stages of Section 7.
  3. Professor Nishichiro and Lieutenant Gelva discover a new alternate.
  4. Commodore Zelazko orders its immediate investigation.
  5. Back at Trinity Core, Ensigns Aleston and Sully get stuck in a turbolift. Aleston has a seizure. Sully prays.
  6. Zelazko and crew search the alternate and are confronted by Captain Darren Lambert (also seen in episode 1.7 Prodigal Son).
  7. Lambert is in command of the Melville.
  8. The Melville and Redeemer are attacked by a large entity with tentacles.
  9. Lt. McCaffrey and Ensign Stadi are abducted by the entity.
  10. The Redeemer crew returns with Lambert and company, and devise a plan to beat the creatures and save the missing crew.
  11. Daggett has a mild flirtation with an attractive girl named Sarah.
  12. Meanwhile, Commander Storm leads an away team searching for the missing Antos Kerr. His team catches wind of a doomsday cult, known as the Followers of the Reckoning.
  13. The Pride of Melville, the Silver Crest, and the Redeemer engaged a couple of beasts, which have entered the region.
  14. Over twenty more creatures enter the fray.
  15. Commodore Zelazko and Lieutenant Thor are abducted and placed in a symbiotic state. However, Thor is impervious to the link, and frees Zelazko.
  16. Zelazko and Thor begin to save the surviving captive.
  17. The Melville, along with her crew, are destroyed during the battle.
  18. Zelazko finds Stadi in a cocoon and frees her. She rejoins the creature's link and tells them all to leave.
  19. The away team saves close to 100 people and returns safely with 2 and a half years worth of Void data.
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