3.10 Everyone Dies At The End


As word spreads about the existance of the Void and with the Rukakon at their doorstep, the internal conflict within Starfleet and the Federation comes to a head. Friendships and alliances alike are tested and broken, whilst new bonds are formed against common foes.

It seems only a matter of time before the galaxy descends into chaos…

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Notable Events

  1. Dr. Vantos and Dr. Shannon repair the body damage to Matthew Blackfoot.
  2. Prof Nishichiro dicusses the spread of the Void, which is now seen in two seperate regions.
  3. The Rukukon begin to press their advantage at Mars.
  4. Cadence Ramsey meets with Pill at Al-Tar, discussing Project Infinite.
  5. Evan McNamara visits Amber Jordan's grave site, and meets Amber's mother.
  6. The plan to dethrown Pres. Jarvinen is put into affect.
  7. Cmdr. Daggett is relieved from Project Infinite by Jarvinen.
  8. Lt. Joseph Blake is introduced in this episode.
  9. Shaya Aleston has visions of dead Captain Bill Rauncland.
  10. Captain Duran of the Revelation holds his position around Pyxis, nervous for Captain Neal and the Lightning, which is deep in Ruke territory.
  11. McNamara receives intel information from Adm. Luc regarding a Ruke power plant producing Sarium Kalliride, a devestating explosive. McNamara agrees to destroy the base by using the Progenitor and Loran to his advantage.
  12. Captain Neal fights hard to get out of Ruke space.
  13. Abe and Jer Daggett argue about their family relationship.
  14. Shaya Aleston is haunted by the ghost of Capt. Raunchland, who only she can see.
  15. Adm. Drake recommends Captain Nagashira, who was thought to be dead, as commanding officer of Project Infinite and Trinity Core.
  16. Reluctant, Jarvinen agrees to Drake's recommendation.
  17. Pill gives Cadence Ramsey the information she wants about Project Infinte, but tells her she will be in grave danger once she accepts the info. She takes the info, despite the risk.
  18. Cadence's friend, Peter Crittenden, comes to her aid.
  19. The T'Plana-Hath takes Ambassador Spock to Earth for the Federation Council Meeting regarding the state of the Fed.
  20. Jarvinen orders his personal aid, Mr. Hack, to have Zelazko placed under arrest, upon hearing about the T'Plana-Hath's orbit around Earth.
  21. This order leads to physical confrontation on the T'Plana-Hath, killings on both sides.
  22. McNamara goes to the planet Sindar, where he is to meet a Sindareen contact who will lead him to the Rukukon power plant.
  23. Ambassador Spock speaks on behalf of the anit-Jarvinen movement.
  24. Admiral Luc motions for a Vote of No Confidence in President Jarvinen.
  25. Cadence Ramsey and Peter Crittenden play cat and mouse with Conglomerate and Orion Syndiate goons. Pill a.k.a Mr. Orthanc watches from his complex.
  26. Captain Neal sends out a distress call to Trinity Core.
  27. Captain Nagashira takes command of Trinity.
  28. Several key members of Project Infinite are reassigned off of the Project.
  29. Commander Heather Dixon resigns from PI, despite the protests by Max Hertzog.
  30. Tir Vahkt and Mur Ebik are introduced.
  31. McNamara and the Sindareen contact, Maror, fight against Rukukon troopers who have come to arrest them.
  32. Neilan Loran, the Progentior Symbiont, makes his first appearance.
  33. They escape but are still hunted down all the way to the planet Karfaeg, which houses the Sarium Krellide.
  34. Maror betrays McNamara, but ends up getting killed by the Rukukon Elite Guard, Tir Vahkt.
  35. Vahkt takes McNamara prisoner.
  36. Storm leads an away team to rescue Captain Neal. Neal activates the self-destruct on the Lighthing, while the away team fends off the Rukukon.
  37. Ensign Abe Daggett is injured in combat, while saving Lt. Blake's life.
  38. Peter Crittenden, Cadence's friend, is killed by the Orion Syndicate.
  39. With a bit of luck and help from Mr. Orthanc, Cadence makes it out of Al-Tar with the Project Infintite information, only to be killed by the Black Dragons. The BD take the information into their possession.
  40. President Jarvinen is informed of a coup being brought against him, led by Admiral Luc.
  41. The Redeemer beams the away team back, and escapes through a wormhole, just as the USS Lightning explodes.
  42. ^Loran attacks the powerplant at Karfaeg, killing several Rukukon in search of McNamara. Loran's attack affords Evan a chance to escape the Rukes.
  43. For the safety of her baby, Heather Dixon resigns from Project Infinite, despite Max's protests.
  44. During her transport back to Earth, the ship carrying Heather is attacked by Rukes, and she barely escapes with her life.
  45. Rebellion evidence is revealed to President Jarvinen, and he orders the arrest of Admiral Luc.
  46. Admiral Janeway is arrested but allows her aid, Ellyn Leighton to escape.
  47. With the help of Commodore Zelazko and the Vulcans, Luc and Leighton are able to escape Earth.
  48. The Vulcan council is ordered to vacate Earth. They agree despite the violation of Federation Law.
  49. Loran and McNamara meet at the central core of the Karfaeg powerplant. Just as Loran is about to kill McNamara, the Progenitor arrives, draining Loran of his power.
  50. It is revealed that Breanne Neal is pregnant.
  51. Doctor Vantos and Hertzog work on the injured Neal, while Doctor Shannon and Doctor Slayton work on the injured Abe Daggett.
  52. McNamara and Loran square off in combat, as the Progenitor drains the core of the Sarium Krellite.
  53. McNamara defeats Loran and then limps to safety as the core goes critical. The blast catches up to Evan and he dies in the process.
  54. Shannon and Slayton save Abe, but he remaines in a coma.
  55. Vantos and Max aren't so lucky. Breanne's body dies, along with the baby, and Max is forced to transfer Sydney's posatronic brain back to a newly created android body.
  56. Petra Shannon informs Jeremiah Daggett of his brother's condition. He is less than sympathetic.
  57. The complex relationship between Petra and Jeremiah is revealed.
  58. Jarvinen and Drake order the arrests of the Starfleet element thought to be in cohorts with Admiral Luc.
  59. Starfleet and the Federation is divided, as different factions take sides and fight against each other.
  60. The Rukukon move against the Federation, attacking Earth, Vulcan, Betazed, Trinity Core, and other key Federation colonies.
  61. For fear of his daughter, Elias Novaq orchestrates a rescue mission to Trinity Core.
  62. Tor and ^Natalie Spencer discuss their complicated relationship.
  63. More conflict is revealed between Tor and Seth.
  64. Autumn Bavel makes contact with Tor, in search of Elias Novaq.
  65. War is fought all across the Federation with the Rukes finally taking Earth and Betazed.
  66. The Federation Council is forced to vote for surrender, but they vote against it.
  67. President Jarvinen and his aides, as well as the Federation Council and the Cabinet, are taken into Rukukon custody.
  68. Forces push back the Rukukon from Trinity Core.
  69. Tormented by visions of Rauchland, Aleston accidently kills her best friend Mika Slayton.
  70. Dr. Vantos takes new measures to help Aleston, and secretly leaves Trinity Core with Aleston and the dead Slayton in tow.
  71. The crew of the Redeemer and several other starships (including the Rukakon ship Fulcrum) are mysteriously transported by Orobas to the edge of the Void, where they are caught as it expands.
  72. Novaq comes to the aid of his daughter and reveals he is still alive.
  73. Novaq falls into trap on the Avatar. Drake has a "controlled" Nagashira attack Novaq.
  74. It is revealed that Novaq is not "Elias Novaq", but is actually Jameson Novaq.
  75. "Novaq" and Christa escape the Avatar.
  76. Seth and ^Natalie reveal their feelings for each other.
  77. Tor becomes bitterly jealous.
  78. Jameson Novaq informs his comrades the real Novaq committed suicide by flying into the Void.
  79. It is revealed that Neilan Loran survived the battle at Karfaeg.
  80. With Earth and Betazed under Rukakon control and Vulcan seceded from the Federation, the seat of the Federation government is transferred to Andor. Member worlds begin the process of electing replacement Council representatives and determining who now holds the Presidency and key leadership posts.
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