2.9 In The Widening Gyre


Starbase 24 comes under attack both from within and without as Tir Ankor sabotages vital systems as a prelude to a Rukakon attack that leaves the crew in danger of being swept up by the Void.

Yet, even as they plan their escape, others would take advantage of the panic to protect their own interests …

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Notable Events

  1. This episode marks the introduction of Doctor Heegan Nisrot.
  2. Sydney works with Abe Daggett in using his new arm.
  3. Commander McNamara and Commander Storm are forced to work together on a security system. They travel to the H2 Outpost.
  4. Tir Ankor communicates with his people, and the Rukukon plan an attack of SB 24.
  5. Project Infinite is caught off guard, the the Rukukon attack the H2 Outpost and the fire upon the Void.
  6. Trapped on H2, McNamara and Storm fight to stay alive. They reveal their true feelings for Kali, both admitting they still love her.
  7. Sydney saves the two men before H2 is consumed.
  8. Triggered by a Rukakon weapon, the Void expands to engulf SB24, Outpost H2 and the sensor net.
  9. Most of the crew escape on the USS Saint Leonard.
  10. Admiral Jeremiah Daggett Jr.'s complicity with the Cardassian group Project Phoenix is revealed.
  11. Commander Mudak and the remaining members of Project Phoenix are lost to the Void.
  12. The USS Redeemer is listed as missing, having escaped the Void via a wormhole which leaves them in an uncharted alternate without a way home.
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