2.8 Floodgates


The crew are alerted by Starfleet HQ that one of their ships has gone missing responding to an SOS from a Klingon vessel. They are ordered to investigate on the grounds that it may be related to the Void …

When they arrive, they find the Klingon vessel in severe distress. Distrust and hostility threaten to hamper any rescue efforts, putting the Klingons lives in danger as they refuse to leave their ship …

Notable Events

  1. Admiral Daggett causes a ruckus regarding his son's injury.
  2. Vantos and Sydeny propose that Abe Daggett receive a posatronic arm.
  3. McNamara and Kali are still at sorts with each other, their relationship severely hampered.
  4. McNamara and Storm continue to butt heads.
  5. Project Infinite is ordered to assist a Klingon ship in distress, which is caught in some spacial anomaly. Commanding the St. Leonard, Yoshii takes an away team to investigate.
  6. The Klingons allow an away team to beam over to their ship, but they appear sinister.
  7. The Klingons show the crew a room they claim forces their men to vanish.
  8. Meanwhile, the Klingons plan an invasion of the St. Leonard, and leaving the crew for dead.
  9. McNamara works on a way to break the ship free with Martawg by his side.
  10. Martawg is coaxed into battle with another Klingon, and is killed in the fight.
  11. The Klingons show their true intent and fire upon the away team. During the fight, Tor steps into another dimension. The Klingons beam over to the St. Leonard and take the crew hostage.
  12. Storm and McNamara look for their commrade and continue to argue.
  13. Tor steps back through to his dimension and from what he describes, McNamara is able figure out why the Klingon ship is stuck. The Klingon ship has somehow slipped between dimensions, effectively existing in two places at the same time.
  14. The only way to fix the problem is go move the ship in the other dimension. Tor is volunteered.
  15. McNamara and Storm continue their arguing, and in doing so, push Tor into the other dimension. McNamara and Storm come to blows.
  16. Tor fixes the problem in the other dimension, which gives them control of the ship. They aim their weapons at the St. Leonard, forcing the Klingons to surrender.
  17. The St. Leonard tows the Klingon ship, but suddenly, a Bird of Prey decloaks and fires upon the St. Leonard. The BoP destroys the towed Klingon vessel and leaves.
  18. McNamara breaks up with Kali because he doesn't like the jealous man he's becoming.
  19. Vantos and Sydney operate on A. Daggett, giving him a posatronic arm.
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