2.7 Exhumed Part 2


A breakthrough discovery about Orobas (the artifact recovered by an away team in an alternate universe) has unlocked a further piece of the puzzle and draws them once more through the looking glass.

At the same time, a priority communication calls them to assist in the capture of a former Starfleet officer, one directly involved in the grand conspiracy and murders that has so effected the crew …

Notable Events

  1. Yoshii leads an away team to Alternate ^013, consisting of McNamara, Storm, Tor, Thor, and several others. They travel in the Redeemer.
  2. McNamara and Storm butt heads on the bridge.
  3. ^Admiral Neilan Loran, commander of the USS Ragnarok, makes his first appearance.
  4. ^Loran searches for the Progenitor Artifact, which is located in a planetoid.
  5. The Alliance of Free Planets tries to establish talks with Loran, who is also a represented of Starfleet.
  6. The Redeemer follows the Ragnarok to its destination, the planetoid.
  7. ^Loran and his away mission crew beam over to the planetoid.
  8. Lieutenant Gronza makes his first appearance.
  9. ^Kali and ^Nia are officers working under ^Loran.
  10. McNamara and Tor take a phased cloak shuttle into the planetoid, and discover ^Loran's intent.
  11. McNamara is beckoned by the artifact.
  12. ^Nia senses the away teams presense.
  13. ^Christa Novaq, representative of the AFP, beams over to the planetoid. She claims to know important information regarding the Progenitor artifact.
  14. Loran threatens to kill ^Christa if she doesn't tell him what she knows. ^Christa refuses and orders the destruction of the planetoid. Klingons ships decloak and fire upon the planetoid. A battle rages between Starfleet and the AFP.
  15. Storm beams over to the planetoid to assist McNamara and Tor.
  16. The three men are pulled into the confrontation and are forced to fight against Loran.
  17. Loran gains access to the Progenitor artifact and becomes increasingly strong.
  18. The destruction of the planetoid barries the artifact.
  19. McNamara is able to outsmart Loran and causes the rubble to fall on the Admiral.
  20. The away team escapes the planetoid before its destruction.
  21. ^Loran survives the the planetoid collaspe and vows his revenge.
  22. Captain Bexley orders Project Infinite to capture a known Starfleet traitor, Captain Alard Pearce.
  23. Rivera leads an away team of Thor, Daggett, Aleston, Vantos, and a few security officers.
  24. The track Pearce to a Starfleet base but fall into a trap. The away team is attacked by infant Ceseres.
  25. Ensign Daggett is attacked by a Cesere and looses an arm.
  26. The away team manages to kill the Ceseres and escape.
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