2.6 Exhumed Part 1


With the passengers of the Majestic Traveller demanding answers, the presence of the Rukakon Tir Ankor in the brig and the return of Rivera, Storm and Thor, things are problematic at best for the crew of SB24.

Their central mission has been sidetracked.

However, a breakthrough discovery about Orobas (the artifact recovered by an away team in an alternate universe) unlocks a further piece of the puzzle and draws them once more through the looking glass …

Notable Events

  1. This episode marks the return of Rivera, Storm, and Thor.
  2. Aboard a Klingon Bird of Prey, Rivera and his crew capture Kali and a few of her pilots.
  3. Rivera gains access to SB 24 and demands answers regarding the attempt on his life.
  4. Captain Seth explains to Rivera the situation and persuades Rivera, Storm, and Thor to join the crew.
  5. McNamara and Kali have a confrontation regarding the return of Storm.
  6. Thor and Martawg have a confrontation, which resulted in Martawg having a broken hand and Thor a broken nose. The confrontation leads to them becoming allies.
  7. Kali passes out from work and relationship stress.
  8. The Orobas gives clues as to where it desires Project Infinite to go.
  9. McNamara and Nishichiro discover alternate cooridnates. Seth orders its investigation.
  10. Admiral Daggett visits SB 24 to spy, but claims he is there to visit his son.
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