2.5 The Messengers


A large passenger ship breaches the patchwork sensor net and discovers the Void, leaving the crew with a tough decisions to make. Should news of the Void's existance get out, things will certainly spiral out of control. But how far are they willing to go to protect that secret?

Notable Events

  1. Rukukon, Tir Ankor requests to see Captain Seth.
  2. McNamara informs the senior staff conference that Ankor has valuable information regarding the Void, and he should be utilized.
  3. A passenger ship, the Majestic Traveller, passes by nearby restricted space.
  4. The Traveller is high-jacked by Space Pirates.
  5. The pirates fly the Traveller into the restricted space.
  6. The Traveller is ordered to stop by pilot Rapier, but the pirates refuse to listen.
  7. Project Infinite is forced to send rescue and assistance. Rix leads an away team.
  8. Autumn and Tor plan a trip to Risa, for reasons unknown.
  9. The pirate leader, known as Teague, refuses to cooperate with Project Infinite.
  10. The away team boards the Majestic Traveller, with orders to take out the pirates.
  11. Stragetic fighting occurs on the Traveller.
  12. With the death of Teague, the away team eventually defeats the pirates but not without loss. Several of the hostages are killed.
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