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In a matter of days, the Void will undertake it's largest shift in size yet. The crew must take steps to ensure that Starbase 24, their facilities, equipment and crew remain at a safe distance. The side-effects of the shift also cause a previously hidden base to be discovered and they must scramble at once before it too is overtaken by the Void.

But the crew soon discover that there is a lot more at stake and find themselves head to head with a Cardassian team who also seem to have a vested interest in the base …

Notable Events

  1. McNamara and Nishichiro discover a hidden base inside an asteroid field.
  2. Captain Seth gives McNamara his first command of an away team, which consists of Ensign Aleston, Ensign Daggett, and a couple of others.
  3. McNamara and team take a runabout to examine the base, and are attacked by a Cardassian scout vessel. They are forced to evacuate to the base. Their runabout is destroyed along with the pilot.
  4. Commander Mudak and a Cardassian away team beam aboard the base, in search of information and the Starfleet away team.
  5. Starbase 24 sends fighters to aid their stranded away team.
  6. The base is set with counter measures so that it is impossible to access the base computer.
  7. A cloaked assailant kills members of the Cardassian crew.
  8. Mudak and company discover McNamara's team in the engine core, which is filled with extentions. They attack and Aleston falls over one of the extentions, but survives. The Cesere virus prevents her death.
  9. Having seen two of his comrades die, Ensign Daggett is shot in the shoulder, trying to aid his commanding officer.
  10. Mudak takes McNamara prisoner, telling him to get the base computer working.
  11. Starfleet and Cardassians fighters battle one another outside the base.
  12. Rukukon Tir Ankor reveals himself. He was the cloaked assailant. He tells McNamara and Mudak that whomever wins the fight outside, will determine who he will spare.
  13. McNamara and Mudak make a truce and attack Ankor. Their attack fails.
  14. Starfleet wins the fight outside and McNamara has Ankor brought to SB 24, where he is held in comfinement until further notice.
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