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The crew enter a universe where they are immediately drawn to seek out a relic connected with the Void's creation. However, the longer they remain there, the less control they seem to have over their actions. And they are not the only ones…

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Notable Events

  1. This episodes marks the beginning of the Orobas Artifact storyline.
  2. Novaq makes his presence known to Seth.
  3. Ensign Abram Daggett joins the crew of Project Infinite.
  4. Commander McNamara is given command simmulations on the holodeck.
  5. Autumn is ordered to attend counseling sessions.
  6. Lt. Commander Jasmine Hobbes joins the crew of PI.
  7. Nishichiro discovers Alternate ^012, and Seth has Commander Rix assemble an away team, consisting of herself, Nishichiro, Sydney, Lt. Martawg, and Ensign Daggett.
  8. The away team is attracted to an artifact known as Orobas. They begin to act strangely.
  9. They find themselves in a ziggurat, and exchange weapons fire with Cardassians (who are also in search of the Orobas).
  10. The Cardassians and the away team form an alliance. The Cardassians distract the locals while Nishichiro and the others retrieve the Orobas.
  11. Nishichiro steals the artifact and the away team escapes the ziggurat, alluding the Cardassians.
  12. Admiral Daggett makes his first appearance, revealing his is a spy for Project Phoenix.
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