2.2 Native


Sydney loses her memory whilst in an alternate universe and begins to live her life there. The physics in this universe prevent higher level warp fields from being formed, therefore it is far longer until anyone realises she (and the rest of her team) are overdue.

Meanwhile, a tragic incident leads the fighter squadrons into a tense situation on
the Federation border …

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Notable Events

  1. The episode begins with Commander Yoshii, Commander McNamara, and Lt. Cmdr Sydney stranded on an unknown desert planet, in Alternate ^011. They crashed their shuttle, and Sydney goes missing, her posatronic brain malfunctioning.
  2. Commander Mudak makes his first appearance.
  3. In search of Sydney, Yoshii and McNamara are forced to travel in the heat. They soon begin to argue.
  4. Sydney is without clothes, and believes she is a native to the desert planet.
  5. Yoshii and McNamara discover an entrance to an underground civialization, inhabited by Angarans. Captured, they come face to face with the alternate's Captain Seth.
  6. ^Seth says the name of the planet is Ver'Rakus.
  7. The Angaran compound is attacked by the Borg. ^Seth believes it to be an attack from Yoshii and McNamara's "faction".
  8. Meanwhile, back home, Starbase 24 locates one of their runabouts, which has been attacked. Everyone on board, with the exception of Ensign Aleston, are dead.
  9. Tor and Autumn plan a trip to Bajor.
  10. There is a possible threat on the Federation. Starfleet, believing the Rukukons have attacked a ship in Federation space, sends the USS Dexter to investigate, with support from FS-78.
  11. Yoshii and McNamara get into another heated arguement, and Yoshii pops McNamara in the nose, breaking it.
  12. The two officers aren't on speaking terms, and McNamara continues his search for Sydney, with a faulty tricorder.
  13. Yoshii and McNamara discover Sydney, who is stark naked.
  14. A SAR team sent by SB24 discovers the missing away team, and the two Seths meet each other.
  15. The evidence isn't strong enough against the Rukakon and the Dexter allows them to depart, although in reality, it is the Starfleet ships who are spared.
  16. Back home, Yoshii and McNamara agree to stay out of each other's way.
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