2.10 Wake


A malfunction of the wormhole generator leaves the crew of the Redeemer stranded in a lifeless universe. Without other civilisations around, they struggle to find the materials and energy to get home again.

Meanwhile at 'home', the remaining crew on the USS Saint Leonard try to piece together what happened, determined to locate their absent crewmates.

And they are not the only ones …

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Notable Events

  1. Having just transported through a wormhole, the Redeemer and crew are stranded in X alternate, completely devoid of any life (i.e. no stars, planets, or lifeforms).
  2. Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Hertzog assists the St. Leonard with repairs, using unorthodox methods and shows disrespect of senior officers.
  3. Commander McNamara displays an emotional rage from being stranded.
  4. Driven by the desire of the Orobas, ^Admiral Loran searches for it in his top of the line ship, the USS Peregrine.
  5. Seth and Rivera search for the Redeemer with no avail.
  6. The USS Peregrine enters the X Alternate.
  7. It becomes a game of cat and mouse between the Redeemer and Peregrine.
  8. Hertzog steals the USS Antarctica to help hold the Infinite crew. He breaks several rules and laws to help the crew. He even steals a wormhole generator.
  9. Phi and Cha make their first appearance.
  10. Seth orders Hertzog off of the St. Leonard.
  11. Hertzog is later arrested and held in prison.
  12. The Redeemer picks up "something", evidence of another ship in the X alternate.
  13. McNamara, Nishichiro, and Loran are beamed from their ships.
  14. The crew of the Peregrine boards the Redeemer, and there is a fight between both crews.
  15. Storm and Gronza have a couple of confrontations.
  16. Yoshii and Gronza agree to stop fighting and to search for their missing crew.
  17. McNamara, Nishichiro, and Loran find themselves in a strange place, surrounded by rocks and rolling hills.
  18. A girl, in the form of McNamara's cousin, tells McNamara and Nishichiro that Loran must not have the Orobas.
  19. There is a fight between the three men. Loran being superior to his foes.
  20. Seth sends Tor to retrieve Hertzog, for they need his help with the wormhole generator.
  21. Counselor Amber Jordan joins the Infinite crew.
  22. Nina informs McNamara that he is Loran's Nemesis and is destined to always fight each other.
  23. Loran transforms into a symbiont with the Progenitor and is forced to flee, from fear of his life.
  24. McNamara and Nishichiro discover they are on a derelict ship of a once proud "Watcher" society. The society used wormhole travel which made the Void grow.
  25. Dixon and Volan discover trances of wormhole generator residue and with the help of Hertzog, are able to locate the X Alternate.
  26. The Redeemer and crew are retrieved safely.
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