2.1 Candlelight


The first day of a new year and the crew attempt to get back to work, despite their recent losses. Those who have chosen to stay are fully briefed on Project Infinite and the Void and must begin work immediately on the new arrangements set in place by the late Admiral Novaq.

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Notable Events

  1. SB24 is solely devoted to dealing with the Void. Thus, over 80% of the crew is transferred. There can be no further contact with the outside except through co-ordinated and controlled channels.
  2. The crew work on a Void sensor net and continued repairs of the Redeemer.
  3. Devistated by the death of his parents, Commander McNamara gets extremely drunk.
  4. He is consolled by new girlfriend, Lt. Commander Kali.
  5. Ensign Jude Devereux joins the SB 24 Defense Squadron. He and Nia do not get along.
  6. Captain Seth irons out his senior staff.
  7. Lt. Commander Sydney helps repair Lt. Hobbes' eyes.
  8. Pok tempts McNamara into throwing a New Years Bash for the Infinite crew.
  9. Lieutenant Grayson Baval is promoted to wing leader.
  10. Lieutenant(JG) Anaka Mihart joins the SB 24 Defense Squadron.
  11. Tor Kelin and Autumn are assigned to the Maiden Colony.
  12. Lieutenant Brian Bedford is promoted to chief of engineering of the Redeemer.
  13. Kali, Sydney, Pok, Aleston, and a few others are assigned to putting up the sensor net.
  14. McNamara prepares for the New Years bash. Lt. Cmdr Dixon makes her feelings for him known.
  15. Vala tries to get Devereux to open up but he refuses.
  16. Dr. Myria Vantos joins the crew of Project Infinite.
  17. Captain Seth gives Kali a few lessons in "paperwork".
  18. Fighter Squadron 78 is assigned to Project Infinite.
  19. There is a New Years celebration in the SB 24 holodeck.
  20. Kali returns just in time to give McNamara a new years kiss.
  21. Lieutenant Volan pulls McNamara from the party to show him a new alternate, one that has no evidence of the Void.
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