1.9 Terminus


The crew get a break in their investigation into the corruption within Starfleet. Having started to panic and clean up their tracks, the corrupt elements have made further mistakes, ones which the crew seize upon. The race is on for that vital piece of evidence to tie the corruption to those involved: between those who want it known and those who want it destroyed …

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Notable Events

  1. The moral of the crew is low. The time travel theory was a failure and there is a funeral of all the recently lost commrades.
  2. Admiral Janeway prepares to leave, with Admiral Valdemar in her custody.
  3. Pok, the Ferengi engineering specialist, joins the crew.
  4. Commander McNamara is offered the XO position of the USS Darwin.
  5. At the funeral, Commander McNamara has a run in with Chang, Vala, and Spade. He is sent to the brig and later relieved of duty.
  6. Novaq leads an away team, searching for a man named Bilstein, someone who knows all about the Starfleet corruption.
  7. McNamara decides to take the Darwin position and leaves PI, to the dismay of Kali and Sydney.
  8. McNamara receives a distress call from the USS Hemmingway. The starship is caught in a temporal anomoly, which is directly correlated with the Void's recent growth.
  9. McNamara goes to the ships aid, and contacts SB 24.
  10. Responding to McNamara distress call, Albertine takes the St. Leonard to assist the Hemmingway.
  11. McNamara is beamed aboard the St. Leonard and they attempt to pull the Hemmingway out of the anomoly. They beam out most of the crew.
  12. The anomoly collaspes and causes a shockwave, which destroys the Hemmingway. The St. Leonard is struck by the wave and gets caught up in the gravitational pull.
  13. Forwarding all power to the engines, the St. Leonard pushes itself out of the gravity pull.
  14. The St. Leonard returns safely to SB 24.
  15. Commander McNamara decides to stay on Project Infinite.
  16. Rear Admiral Novaq returns to SB 24 with Bilstein, but expects an immediate assault from the corrupted faction in Starfleet.
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